Human Trafficking Is More Than Just a Problem of Sexual Violence

Human trafficking, a very popular crime and a growing Criminal industry that has been taking place in many countries around the world. I hear more about the crimes from third world countries than anywhere else in the world. Young girls and families are being lured by the lies of people who are looking for quicker, easier way to earn money. The girls and their families are told lies such as: “We are going to take her abroad to further her studies to better her future” or “We’ll take her to the city and make her a star” because they see all these potential.

When we hear the term human trafficking, the first thing that comes to mind is sex trafficking, but really, there is much more. Such as: Forced labor, organ theft ect. Sex trafficking involves, young girls, women and occasionally men to be sold to a prostitution home where they are forced to have sex with unwanted male and/or females.

When it comes to forced labor, children and adults are being forced to work a job they don’t want, or a job where they are underpaid. Organ theft is when a person or a group of people surgically remove an organ from a human body when he or she is unconscious and did not consent to it. Human trafficking must be recognized internationally as it is basically becoming a modern form of slavery. There needs to be movement to stop it and a strongest laws to be proclaimed worldwide.

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Sex trafficking appears when a person lures or forces any group of people or a person for the cause of commercial sex act. It takes place when someone frauds, and uses any physical power or imposed by coercion. These days, sex trafficking is being a modern slavery not only in thirds world countries,but it is taking place globally. In countries like India and Nepal trafficking takes place on daily basis from small villages to large cities as well. There are many reasons for sex trafficking with one of the main reasons being the economical condition which causes lack of education to comprehend the truth from the false. Nepal is a country where we lack job opportunities for upcoming generations especially, the illiterates. Which is one of the reason why it makes things easier for the traffickers. They walk around villages, see an easy target, persuade the victim and their family into going to the city or a different country where their job is guaranteed, another method they seem to use frequently is to marry a girl from a small village and then sell her into a prostitution home. These are the most common methods that I am aware of in Nepal and India. Whereas in the western, more developed countries, the frequent way is to get in contact with the victim through social media. The elder men mostly tend to talk to girl ages 14-16 because that is the age where they are too young and too naive to understand what is going on. Kids and adults who have been sexually harassed tend to have many problems psychologically as well as physically. After the unwanted sex, girls and women tend to have suicidal thoughts, start using drugs, drink alcohol, ect.

Another common problem of human trafficking is also forced labor. Forced labor is any kind of work which is made to do forcefully or illegally against their will by threatening them. Although it is illegal all over the nation, it is still exist in many places in a modern forms. It is made to do by abusing them physically, verbally and by not paying them for their work.Again, in countries like Nepal and India group of people, children and adults are told lies and sent abroad, promising an office job or better education, but really they are just being sent to a factory in a foreign country where they are absolutely required to work for 50 cents to one dollar max per hour and for 12 or more hours a day. Many children are also kidnapped at a young age and sold to a rich household where they are made servants to work day and night without being allowed to go outside. They are threatened that if they step out of the house, the owner will beat them or even worse, kill them. Adult men and women are usually taken to gulf countries legally, but when they reach to either of the countries, they are tormented by their “owner.” The owners usually confiscate their passport so they cannot escape, take away any source of communication they have so they cannot get in contact with their family or seek help, they are required to adapt to their culture. As for childrens, many children are abducted from one city and taken to another which is not familiar to them, made disabled by breaking their legs, or arms, making them blind and leaving them on the streets to beg money, and at the end of the day, they will not see a penny of that money and will probably starve to death.

Donating an organ by choice is a greatest gift one can give and one can receive, but taking an organ from someone without their consent is not just illegal but is also unethical. Organ theft is becoming a major problem which is growing rapidly all around the globe today. This is one of the serious matters faced in our society. People think that giving organ might be the solution to save someone’s life by the process of transplantation but many have been taking advantage of this. They are using various different ideas to steal organs by giving overdosed of drugs, threatening or showing them the greed of money. The black market of selling human organs has become a national as well as an international trade. People from developing countries migrate to developed countries as a worker holding bigger dreams with the help of an agent but, at last some of them will be betrayed by their agent and will end up being jobless along with missing an organ. A former prisoner of ISIS, one of the more dangerous terrorist group currently, shared a story of how members of ISIS forcefully took organs from the prisoners to cure their team members. One day it was a kidney and the next it was their cornea. This doesn’t just happen with terrorist groups, it also happens to normal citizens who are one day just walking along the streets of their own town but the next moment they open their eyes in an alleyway of an unknown place with a brand new fresh scar on their body.

The three main concerns I have on human trafficking is Sex Trafficking, Forced Labor for adults and children and Organ Theft. After several research, I have come to conclusion that most of human trafficking is recognized or reported in developing countries like India and Nepal. Being from Nepal, a neighboring country of India, I find it very heavy hearted that my country is being recognized for all its negativity, but that also made me realize that all this is happening in places where education is not prioritized. This tells us how important education is, because if everyone of the villagers were sent to school or had a better schooling system, the generation would have more understanding on what’s really going on around the world. In Conclusion, I hope and wish for their to be a stricter laws to be proclaimed all around the world regarding human trafficking.

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