Problem Of Human Trafficking And Slavery

In the world where everyone is free to do what their want, live how they like and speak what in their mind, a very perfect world indeed. Unfortunately, this is not the world that we live in. While some of us have the freedom, but some might have their rights been ripped from them. Human trafficking is the act of recruiting, harbouring, transporting, providing, or obtaining a person for compelled labour, or commercial sex acts through the use of force, fraud or coercion (Lemke , 2019).

Human trafficking and slavery can cause horrible things to the victims. This segment will give you the insight about the world of human trafficking and slavery and ways to help them.

Human trafficking and slavery can be a quiet terrifying experiences. It can caused mental trauma to the victim. This is probably because the trafficker dehumanize and objectify their victims (U.S Department of State, 2012). Some victims might experience devastating psychological effects such as post trauma stress disorder (PTSD), memory loss, anxiety, shame and fear.

Victims may experience initial trauma before they were trafficked or when they just discovered that they were trafficked. Their trauma will be continually increased by the process of the trafficking. The longer the victims remain kept by their trafficker, the more intense and long-lasting are the symptoms. One way that we can help the victims is to support their mental health. Since their mental might damage because of mistreat by their captor, it would be best to bring the victims to professional aid.

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In 2017, Malaysia government has increased the number of counsellor for domestic violence victims and human trafficking victims for psychological support and counselling (U.S Embassy, 2017). Great mental health will help fasten the victims’ reintegration process into the society.

Human trafficking and slavery victims also confront social rejection and ostracism, exclusion from a society or social group, in many cases where the victims were isolated from family, friends and other social circles. This may because of personal feeling, relocated or stigma. A lot of victims were embarrassed and scared when people know what they have been through. As stated by Human Trafficking Search in their website, trafficked persons are often isolated from their social circles, unable to engage socially or reach out for help. Victims who were trafficked to another country may unable to seek help because they cannot speak the native language of the country or lack of geographical knowledge of that country. Sex trafficked victim face stigma that all victims have AIDS and HIV, this can cause the victims and sometime including their family rejected by the society (UNODC, 2008, p. 87). To prevent stigma among the victims, it would be suggested to spread awareness and information to the society. You can raised awareness among your family, friends and the other social circles. You can use social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blog, etc. or you could organize an online petition. It is much easier to share information with the help of social media. With just tip of your finger, information can spread all around the globe. Although media social can be such a help, it can also lure guileless person to trafficker. It is advisable to use social media with cautious and high alert. Using mass media such as television and radio can also help people to acknowledge this issue.

This issue also can cause the victim to lack of independent living skills such as cooking, hygiene, financial management, problem solving and many more. This happened when the victims were held since they were young or they were not allowed to learn any skill by their captor. The victims will be more dependent to their trafficker. Most victims lack in advanced education or lack of resources to survive on their own. They may not understand laws in the country where they now reside or may not speak the language (Hartmann, 2018). This prevent the victims to run away or to live even after being escaped from their trafficker. Education, including integration into formal schooling will help the victims to fill the lack of independent living skills (Nexushumantrafficking, 2015). Trafficked children should attend school like other children because it is their right for education. Assign trafficked children into normal school would be best, not only for they can study but they can improve their social relation with others. Trafficked adult also should be given their chance in education by assign them to non-formal education or vocational training. Thus, reintegration process would be smoothly when human trafficked victims achieve skills that they need to live properly in the society.

An important piece of advice for local Malaysian before this segment come to an end, if you notice suspicious activity or when a victim cries for help, don’t hesitate to call the police or the national human trafficking hotline (03-80008000). In 2017, Malaysian Government have launched this hotline to combat human trafficking. It is operate from 7.30 am 9 pm every day. This hotline helps public to lodge complaints and reports regarding the relate crime.

As a conclusion, all human should be treated equally. There is no price tag on each of us. The effects on the victims were already mention above and it is horrifying for anyone to experience it. Mental health, rejection from society and lack of living skills is just the surface of the effects. In my opinion, I think that we all, hands in hands, fight this crime together and create a better and safe place for us to live until the next generations. Hopefully, everyone can live in a world where human trafficking and slavery doesn’t exist anymore.

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