Should Sex Education Be Taught In Schools Essay

I remember when I was in 5th grade in Hayward Intermediate School in Mrs. Helander’s class. We learned songs that helped us remember The Preamble of the Constitution, and songs that helped us remember that before a bill became affective it was sent to Capitol Hill to be approved or vetoed. I also remember when we watched a video that had a singing sperm, and a singing egg. I thought it was the funniest thing that was taught in school and couldn’t keep myself from cracking up.

But I understood what the video was talking about.

I was a kid who, at a young age, was taught by my mother about sex because she got pregnant with me at such a young age she worried, and still does worry, about me following in her footsteps. So my mom had no problem when I came home from school that day and told her what I’d seen at school. Not everyone, though, is as cool with it as my mom was.

I: Students who have Sex Education are more likely to have premarital sex. A. In the article Carnal Knowledge: The Sex Ed Debate By Molly Masland, she introduces Tamara Kreinin who is the president of the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States.

Tamara says, “Young people are going to learn about sex and our question has to be where do we want them to learn? From the media? From their friends? Or from a educated, responsible adult? ” So what Tamara is saying is that younger kids are going to learn about sex regardless of whether or not we teach it in school, so we should teach them in an educational way instead of them learning from unreliable sources such as friends or the media.

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B. NPR, The Kaiser Family Foundation, and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Gov’t did a survey that showed that only 7 percent of Americans say that sex educations should not be taught in school.

For me, that brought up the question, well if only 7 percent of Americans disagree with the teaching of it, why aren’t we teaching it in schools everywhere? C. Genevieve Wood, Vice President of Communicators at Family Research Council said, “What people really want is for their children to be taught an abstinence-centered education. By an almost 5 to 1 margin, parents approve or strongly approve of character-based, abstinence sex education. ” What Wood is saying is that a staggering 5-1 ratio of parents approve of sex education.

This also brought back my question, if it’s that one-sided, and it clearly seems to be a one-sided argument by this information, then why aren’t we teaching it everywhere? II. Some experts argue that sex education shouldn’t be taught in school. A. Robert Welch, the founder of The John Birch Society (an American radical-right wing political advocacy group that supports anti-communism, limited government, Americentrism and personal freedom) decided that sex education is a “filthy Communist plot. ” B.

According to the article Carnal Knowledge:

The Sex Ed Debate, A Florida mother named Jodi Hoffman sued the Broward County Public Schools, claiming that their sex education classes were too explicit. She believes that sex education should only be taught at home, never in schools, in order to teach children the values the parents want to instill in them. Also, she spoke of the religious aspect. The school’s program clashed with her family’s religious beliefs. Hoffman said waiting until marriage to have sex “is the way God intended it to be.

That’s how it’s taught in the Bible and those rules were not written for no reason. ” C. In the essay Sex Education Should Be Taught By Parents, Not Schools by Eric Badertscher and Denise Grier, they claim that “school programs are said to treat the concept of sex as purely biological, without taking into consideration its mental, spiritual, emotional and social aspects. ” What they’re saying is that when sex education is taught in school, the school only teaches the science of sex.

They don’t let students know there’s other aspects to sex besides science such as emotions and mental aspects. They don’t teach students how to deal with their feelings about it, and at home that would happen.


Think back to when you were in elementary, middle, and high school. Were you taught a form of sex education at school? And if so, did your parents agree with it? Now, if you have kids or plan to have kids, which way will you prefer for them to learn about sex? I’m sure there’s divided opinions among us, so who’s to say which way is right?

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