Schools Should Ask Students To Evaluate Their Teachers

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Schools should ask students to evaluate their teachers. There are with no doubt a lot of good and experienced teachers, but in my opinion there are also a lot that do not belong in the classroom. Schools should ask students to evaluate their teachers in order to avoid choosing bad and inexperienced teachers, in order to learn what students like and dislike about the teaching methods and to make them feel more valuable for the school.

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First of all, a good teacher should have enough educational experience, he should know how to make himself understood, he should treat his students with respect, he should be helpful and concerned.

A lot of teachers don’t have these qualities. If teachers are evaluated by their students and their opinions are really taken serious, I think that this problem would be if not entirely removed then at least reduced. Teachers play an important role in student’s lives and they should be very carefully chosen.

Second of all, the quality of teaching is also very important and it is something that the administration of school cannot accurately estimate. Students should be able to grade and evaluate the teaching methods in class. They observe teachers’ work every day and can say what is easy or difficult for them, which activities they enjoy the most or what kind of exams they prefer. In addition to this, knowing that their opinions matter would make students feel more valuable for the school and less controlled by the teachers.

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Students would feel better and more confident if they know that they are not the only ones that are going to be grated at the end of the year. Moreover, evaluating teachers is good for the students because is teaches them honesty and responsibility. To sum up, I think that evaluating teachers by students would be very useful for the whole educational system. It helps choosing the right teachers, the right teaching methods and it is beneficial for the students themselves.

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Schools Should Ask Students To Evaluate Their Teachers
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