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I’ll start with the fact that this book I came across by accident. I threw her friend along with a bunch of other books in electronic form. Generally, no one I know that another life – the darkness. And sometimes you want to go into it as if into a dark room and turn on the light. The fact that the book is a diary, it stirs interest. Every girl certainly kept a diary, well, at least starting to do it … And what’s more I liked it when I read the description of the book it is based on real events.

I myself have negative attitude to drugs. Probyval, and many hope that I did not want to. I never imagined, and did not know what a person feels, using certain drugs. World of the addict – it’s a whole new world for me, it is unusual, mysterious, but at the same time zhutok and disgusting.

Few people find a way out of this darkness …

Alice … a typical American teenager tineydzherstva with their problems, and zamorochkami complexes. She falls in love, meets, finds lost, disappointed … Each of us is experiencing similar feelings … All the climax begins when Alice tries to drugs by accident at a party … tablets, LSD, then marijuana, marijuana …. Her deeper and deeper into the addictive world of that damned drug addicts .. Many people say, they say, the grass, but it is garbage, I will not delay … in this Alice said very exact phrase: “He who says that the acid and the grass is not addictive , stupid fool, an idiot and a madman! “

I was impressed … I always knew that drugs – it is rare stuff, and people using them as if slipping to the bottom of cesspools.

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When Alice describes her emotions becomes terribly, especially the moment when she gets to the hospital, and then to a mental hospital …

The most zagodnoe here, it’s kind of ironic … you will understand it when you read the book before the end of …

Go Ask Alice Book Review

I do not know whether this story is real indeed, but it is imbued with such sincerity and emotion that I want to believe it …

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Go Ask Alice Review
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