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Publix business ethics and guidelines Bria Hamlett PHL/323 8/19/2013 Ms. Devin Adams Publix Corporation Ethics Ethics are of a special importance to practicing professionals. Professions such as lawyers, teachers, doctors and engineers have a bigger responsibility as to making sure there jobs are done right and ethically. Though in order to achieve this goal individuals must understand what ethics really means.

Ethics is basically the rules of conduct which is recognized in respect to a particular group, culture, or class of human actions.

The decision to behave ethically is a moral one. Publix The company I decided to do would be the Publix Corporation. The mission of Publix is to be the premier quality grocery food retailer of the world. They strive to make sure all needs of customers as well as individuals better the competition, while being sure to provide an outstanding, and superior shopping experience by ensuring customers receive superior value.

The public corporation was founded in 1930 in Winter haven Florida, by the late George W. Jenkins.

This supermarket happens to be the largest employee owned market in the whole United States, in which 2012 sales were a whopping 27. 5 billion, with an employee count of around 160,500 and a total of 1,072 supermarkets. All approved suppliers as well play a critical role in the achievement of the Publix Corporation mission. The corporation manages to have profound relationships with all suppliers based on the supply practices.

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These types of relationships should be strictly professional and principled based on mutually beneficially results. Who are we?

Publix Employee Complaint Hotline

In GA alone there are a total of 180 Publix stores. “Publix is known for its philosophy of pleasing a customer: the Publix guarantee to never knowingly disappoint our customers is legendary in the industry. ” According to, (“Superior Policies and Guidelines”, 2005). The purpose of superior ethics guidelines is to make sure they are committed to conducting business with the largest amount of integrity and standards. Associates, suppliers, stockholders, and customers expect for them to uphold high standards of a certain type of ethical behavior.

The purpose of the Publix corporation guideline is to provide individuals with a guide to ethical standards in which they expect every individual to maintain. The code and these guidelines include many rules for doing the right thing, but simple rules will address every situation in which good and smart choices require sound judgment and thoughtful evaluation. Our focus Publix not only has a responsibility to its customers but as well to their associates. Publix believes customers are the reason any business exist, and they are focused on delivering the best service at a fair price and as well providing a safe shopping environment.

Associates are the source of success, and Publix associates should not accept any gifts or premiums from any customer for his or her on cause. When employed within the Publix Corporation you are responsible to the communities in which you live or work. Failure to report a violation may lead to termination and be viewed as condoning the violation. All violations should be reported to the Publix ethics hotline, and from there all calls should be kept confidential unless the individual wants to do otherwise. Superior Identification and dress guidelines

The purpose of these guide lines is to make sure Publix supermarkets is committed to maintaining a safe, professional, and secure environment for suppliers, customers, and associates. There are many key points that fall under this section involving identification, dress code, and checking in at Publix store or office. The Publix Corporation is committed to doing and conducting business in a professional manner, therefore Publix associates are expected to dress in business attire when meeting with different suppliers. In some cases casual attire is acceptable if it is agreed upon beforehand.

When checking in at a Publix office or store distribution facility, there are five major steps that you must adhere by. These are 1. Stop and identify yourself to the Publix security officer, 2. Follow any directions that are given to you at the time of your visit. 3. Sign in at the reception area, 4. Do not leave reception area unless told to do so, and 5. Check out at appropriate security post. Dress Code at Publix Supermarket When working at any of these store locations there is also a strict dress code individuals must go by. All clothing should be neat and in well-kept condition.

Old torn, sloppy, or ripped clothing is unacceptable If uniforms/ company shorts are provided those should be worn to each store visit by every employee. Hair and nails must be neat and kept in a professional and presentable way. As well any facial hair should be cleaned shaved or well groomed, where as a minimal of body jewelry should be worn during a period of time. Any employee who works in the food preparation areas should always make sure hair restraints are worn at all times, as well as washing hands on a regular to keep up good sanitation practices.

Making sure all food is handled properly is required as well. Ethical system The public corporation is ran and managed by a duty-based ethical system meaning regardless of any consequences certain moral principles are binding focused on a specific duty rather than results of a moral obligation and the individual chooses to do. Different policies and guidelines for doing business at Publix has been assigned to increase the efficiency and minimize the cost of transacting in the business.

These different guide lines allow Publix to be able operate with different supplier on a beneficial and consistent manner. Each supplier that chooses to work with the corporation must understand these guidelines. Compliance with these guidelines makes business run smoothly while noncompliance only jeopardizes business. When talking about the effect that the code of ethics has on managers, it’s a major deal. Being that managers are the leaders of the store their primary responsibility is to make sure things are being run accordingly.

Some of the responsibilities of managers happen to consists of making sure the store is ran properly, making sure all store employees are dressed within store compliance, Make out work schedules, and handle any alterations or complaints that take place within the store and etc. All this may seem like a lot but this indeed is the duty of manager, before the manager is chosen he/he starts off at a regular employee and works their way up through hard work and dedication. A company only chooses an individual to be a manager if hey believe they are ready for it and have the capability of withholding the standards of the company. When talking about the effect the code of ethics has on the organization, I would say it’s a positive one. Any organization should have a code of ethics if they are trying to have a well ran and organized company if not this company may not succeed and crumble. No suppliers will want to do business with a company that isn’t organized; therefore they won’t be able to work with them on a consistent business basis. Though on the other hand good ethical behavior can bring about significant benefits for a company.

For example good ethical behavior may attract customers to the businesses products thereby boosting sales and profits, attract more individuals who desire to work for the company, make employees enjoy the company and want to stay with the business, and lastly attract investors to keep the business flowing within the company.

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