The Gray Dress By Andrea Camilleri Review

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Febo Germosino wakes up like every morning: 6:00’s it. His body clock will change not as fast in the future when he is retired. For forty years he has led as director of the branch of a bank in Montelusa Sicily. Household servants and Villa he enjoys the highest standard of living. His first wife Michaela was different after twelve years of marriage; now is Adele – 25 years younger, pretty and desirable – his wife and eye candy. Luigi, his only child, Adele can never tolerate this marriage and has now moved to London.

How Febo fill his final stage of life meaningful? On the first day he is at his desk and gets three anonymous letters from his briefcase. The first has already been sent to his bank thirty years ago. He knows the content and the author, as in Sicily what means anonymous – it is signed by the most influential Mafia boss. The third reached him barely three years after his marriage to Adele.

The author pointed out to him on various love affairs of his wife and told him her secret love nest in the run-down motel Regina.

In flashbacks told Febo how his relationship began sultry and stormy to Adele as à themselves peu peu only can enjoy even more of their daily “ceremony” of hygiene and dressing, and how finally the doors are closed, it goes on and listen to turn away coyly. Adele dates Febo has seen through quickly. He gives her coded clues that she understands:. A game with the knowledge of the secrets

Febo experienced three days up to one inescapable finding a terrible blow for both.

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There comes a time, can show in the Adele another side of her character. The book ends with the sentence: “She wore the gray dress.” Until then, this issue has already built up so much symbolic power that it needs no further explanation.

I am a little split in me, who to pay greater sympathy after reading the novel. Camilleri draws the sensitive portrait of an aged fine man who can afford the luxurious pleasure of a much younger playmate, but fails in some way to it. Given the age difference of 25 years, he will have anticipated that Adele is bearing the brunt of duration and elsewhere looking for relief; just as it must have been clear that in return he is less content with increasing age with ever need. All this he bears with composure – and in contrast to the cliché of the hot-blooded Sicilian, the honor goes about everything that would never let such horns sit up. Also Febo is indeed jealous, but he never makes the goings through aggressive actions or demands an end.

Adele on the other hand is not a heartless opportunist who Febo has about only married to society from his position and his wealth to benefit. I feel that she has never betrayed her husband malignant, but really loved him. therefore their conversion comes as coherent and convincing as the melancholy closing

So Camilleri novel (original title: ” Il tailleur grigio <“). a differentiated discussion of two interesting individuals who added attraction wins when you see them act against the backdrop of traditional Sicilian role expectations. Absolutely convincing and worth reading!

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The Gray Dress By Andrea Camilleri Review
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