Introduction to Personal Development in Health and Social Care

My current job role is as a care assistant. When I started this job management gave me a clear guidance and what is expected from me. They described the duties and responsibilities of the role to me. I am responsible for providing support to the service users, which includes : personal care, assisting with eating and medication, assisting in toileting, supporting to use services and facilities. I attend regular refresher courses and training, which help me how to do my work and duties better.

I receive regular supervision with my manager, where I discuss any problems and get support required. There are many standards that are put in place to ensure that my role is carried out to the best of my ability and in line with legislation.

These include :- Care Council for Wales Codes of Practice: Internal policies and procedures Health and safety at work act 1974 National Occupational Standards I need to know how the different policies and procedures used in my work setting impact on my work role.

I follow them carefully and I ensure that I am working to the expected legal and regulatory standards. Everyone has different values, likes and dislikes, beliefs and preferences. What you may consider to be important may not be as important to others. You may find that you respond more positively to people who share your own values and less positively to people who have different views or values.

As a care assistant you have to treat all service users with same level of respect regardless of values and beliefs.

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By reflecting on working practices with colleagues or supervisors I am able to look at situations or activities and assess if my working practices could be improved or used as ‘best practice’. When I attend my supervision my Manager ask me what my strengths are, this helps me to identify what I’m good at and what areas I need further training or support. Also during my supervision meeting with my manager/supervisor I help to complete my personal development plan. This identifies any training needs or career progression I would like to undertake.

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Introduction to Personal Development in Health and Social Care
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