Honoring Your Parents Essay

It is said that ‘respect for one’s parents is the highest duty of civil life’. We celebrate days honoring our parents such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day but do we really focus enough on respecting them? Parents By: Nor Rain Fating bin Suzerain For some people, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day have been a long-awaited red letter days and have their hands full in preparing such important celebration for their parents. To be honest, can’t even remember the date.

This is because, personally, see these kinds of celebration are unimportant as everyday should be a celebration day of both our parents.

In fact, celebrating them is unequal to respecting them. Since we were small, we received formal and informal education on respecting our parents. All the whys and what should we dos have been answered since then. However, as we are living our life, some Of us tend to be forgetful on their duties as a child.

This can be proved by the increase in the number of occupants in the homes of the elderly. Some of us left our parents there and yet still walk proudly saying that they respect their parents. This kind of cases happened due to us being too busy focusing on pursuing our dreams in life.

Why Should We Respect Our Parents Essay

We tend to care less about our parents yet they are the one that have been our main supporters for us since the start. As we are busy growing up, we often forget that our parents are getting older too.

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It is not possible for us to repay all their deeds and sacrifices towards us simply because they are countless. However, we still can at least do something to show that we heartily respect and appreciate their presences in our life. Cherish every moment with them because once they are gone from your life, it is impossible to turn back time. In a nutshell, parents are two very precious and priceless gifts that God has granted to us.

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Honoring Your Parents Essay
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