I pacifically remember my dad dragging my older sister out of Safety by her coveralls taking her to the truck and spanking her, Just once and not very hard. I never threw a fit with my dad after that, my mother was a deferent story because she refused to spank us and rarely followed through with her threats. Flash forward 22 years and parents don’t feel safe enough to spank their children. Spanking a child could sanction a visit from Child Protective Services.

Some children just need to be spanked in order to learn how to behave, I would know, I was one of them.

While a downside exists to spanking there are favorable outcomes as long as it is used as a last resort in a discipline plan. If used improperly physical punishment can indeed cause a child to resort to violence. A child could learn if they don’t like someone behavior all they have to do is hit them to change It.

Frequent and harsh punishment can force a child to be unnaturally Introverted, making them bottle up their feelings and potentially causing a harmful eruption of emotions.

Studies have also shown the overuse of spanking asses a rift In the bond between parents and children (psychologically. Com). So why do parent’s choose to use spanking as a tool? “Spanking NAS Eden snows to De most detective In 2- to 6-year-alas when uses In conjunction with milder disciplinary methods, such as reasoning and time-outs” Say Dry. Phil. The time frame given is optimal for laying the ground work of effective discipline. At this age a child will soon learn if the parent uses idle threats or if there are consequences to their actions.

Should Parents Punish Their Child Essay

CNN. Com commenter Dry. David Safari, a California- eased pediatrician, father of five and grandfather of five, and asked him to talk to us about his views on spanking. He said he was spanked as a child, spanked his own children when necessary and believes the occasional use of physical punishment, not abuse, can be an effective tool for parents. Giving the child a warning before administering the punishment, you are giving them an opportunity to correct the behavior. The most responsible way to use spanking by creating a discipline plan.

Among scientists, there is a consensus that actual physical abuse damages hillier, directly and over the course of a life. Although not all children who have been abused are affected the same way, decades of research show that child abuse initiates a cascade of negative social, emotional and health-related outcomes. Child abuse is more than Just hitting or beating. Other types of child abuse include Drug affected babies, shaken baby syndrome, sexual abuse, neglect, medical neglect, abandonment, mental injuries, domestic abuse and selling custody of a child without going through the adoption process.

There are six easy rules a parent can follow to make sure they don’t cross the fine line between discipline and abuse. Parents should only spank on a clothed bottom, always spank in private, explain what the child did wrong and why they are being spanked, tell them how many spanks they are receiving, after spanking ask them if they understand what they did wrong, don’t forget to tell them you love them. Using the rules in tandem with a discipline plan will help obtain the best results. Yes, unnecessary spanking is abuse which is why parents should have a discipline Lana.

The plan should be agreed upon and more importantly followed through by both parents. A progressive plan should include reasoning with the child, followed by time-out, then a favorite toy or program taken away, and finally a light spanking. It’s important to keep your unrelated feelings separate, such as work stress, otherwise undue force may be applied. My generation was probably not disciplined enough, and this generation certainly could use more! There is overwhelming criticism for spanking because of the “harmful” results.

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