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Cool Beans Coffee Cafe Kimberly A. McKelvy Dr. Patricia Obiefule BUS 335 – Staffing Organizations February 3, 2013 Identify the type of employment relationship you would establish between the coffee shop and employees from a legal perspective. Explain your reasoning. Cool Beans Coffee Cafe is planning on establishing an employer-employee relationship.

A written agreement is going to represent our employment contract, “the terms and conditions of which represents the promises and expectations of both parties” (Heneman III, Judge, & Kammeyer-Mueller, 2012, p. 48).

The employer-employee relationship will be governed by the common law principle which establishes that either party can terminate the employment contract at any time without prior notification. This type of relationship also allows for both Cool Beans Coffee Cafe and a potential employee to establish any additional term of employment and have them placed in writing so there are no discrepancies.

Suggest ways that you could avoid claims of disparate treatment. Cool Beans Coffee Cafe is going to follow four principles that should avoid claims of disparate treatment.

First, train management about legal obligations under anti-discrimination laws regarding hiring, training, and overall treatment of employees (Lario, Parliman, Kelly, Feher, & Chavey, 2009). Second, create and enforce policies that pertain to how employees will conduct themselves to prevent discrimination. Third, the coffee cafe has to perform yearly audits on employment records and promotion policies and procedures to ensure disparate treatment is not being committed.

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Lastly, make sure that all job postings and promotions are listed in a central location that all employees can access.

Cool Beans Coffee Shop

Identify the type of external influences that could hinder staffing and how you would address them. Competition for certified baristas with managerial experience might be hard to find. Cool Beans Coffee Cafe is a gourmet coffee cafe that specializes in espresso and coffee artistry. The three store managers have to be able to train at least six employees to become coffee artisans. They also have to be experience and creative managers with at least two years of managerial experience. However, we will do our research to see what the competition is offering its entry level and managerial level employees.

Then offer a competitive compensation package to potential employees. Competition is the niche market of gourmet coffee shops is saturated. The coffee cafes main competition is Starbucks and other gourmet cafes that serve coffee. In addition, competition from the students that are on the college meal plan that may. The Cool Coffee Beans Cafe will use this to our advantage by creating a gourmet coffee experience that is accessible, affordable and college student friendly. It will give us a competitive advantage over the usual coffee experience.

Legal factors and health regulations are an outside influence that has to be addresses. Health regulations such as no employees with communicable diseases can be employed in food service limits the pool of employable candidates. Child labor laws limit the number of people the coffee cafe can employ. In order to address these limitations during the hiring process place job postings in as many avenues that can be used to find qualified candidates. Create a plan that you can use to deal with employee shortages and surpluses.

Short Term Shortages Plan

  • Give incentives to retain current employees.
  • Rearrange employees from slower shifts to busier shifts (Monegain, 2010).
  • Ask employees to work overtime at time and a half.
  • Attract new and creative employees on a temporary basis. Long Term Shortage Plan
  • Buy state of the art $2,000 coffee machines to increase efficiency, effectiveness, employee satisfaction and customer service.
  •  Instead of making all baked goods in house, subcontract baked good to a recent culinary arts graduate and profit share goods sales. Hire two more part time employees for the busiest shifts. Short Term Surplus Plan
  • Reduce the amount of overtime hours available.
  • Temporarily make all employees part-time except for store managers.
  • During summer months when there are fewer students on campus shorten cafe hours Monday – Friday 6 am to 6 pm and Saturday – Sunday 8 am to 8pm. Long Tem Surplus Plan
  • Freeze hiring and when an employee leaves do not replacement them.
  • Reduce workforce by laying off one store manager, one part-time and one full-time employee. Permanent pay cut for all employees. Outline a strategy for workforce diversity.

The first workforce diversity strategy is opening recruiting to the largest demographic group possible (Heneman III et al. , 2012). Since Cool Beans Coffee Cafe is located next to a college campus, job postings should be posted in central locations around the college campus to gain the most visibility. Also post job opening for coffee baristas at local culinary art schools because there is a wide array of ethnicities and age groups.

The second workforce strategy is encouraging all employees to apply for all open promotional opportunities that they qualify for. Lastly, require all employees to interact in mandatory team building activities that promote diversity. Conduct a job requirements analysis for the store managers and coffee servers in order to identify tasks, KSAOs, and context for those positions.

Store Manager Specific Task

  • Hire, train, and monitor the development of employees.
  • Schedule employees to cover all shifts and maintain payroll guidelines. Hold team accountable to prepare and serve beverages and food products to company standards.
  • Complete all training programs and maintain barista certification. Store Manager KSAOs
  • Knowledge of specialty coffee shop operation and policies.
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule based on coffee shop needs.
  • Knowledge of basic math and proficient computer skills.
  • Skilled at creating unique and appealing coffee blends.

Coffee Server Specific Task

  • Take customer orders and provide receipts that identify order numbers. Brew coffee, espresso and other beverages in containers that customers request.
  • Serve customers in a friendly manner at counter or at dining tables.
  • Perform cleaning duties at front counter, kitchen, customer tables, and restroom. Coffee Server KSAOs
  • Knowledge and fluency in English.
  • Skilled at actively listening to customer orders and communicate customers order back for correctness.
  • Able to assess information, evaluate problems and find the best possible solution for the coffee shop.

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