Kings of Cool by Don Winslow Review

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All around pitch black as death, as Don Winslow’s novel “Kings of Cool” stands us in the bookstore in the eye – and deters us from the same time. What darkness like behind this cool staged facade reside against us radiate from the huge letters in brilliant white

The first text page contains after the section number “1” only one sentence: “. Kiss my ass”

Without equal to raise the question of who whom there (not yet about the author the reader ??) prompts and why, we get the idea: something is celebrated.

And in this mode it will continue, both form and content. 340 pages with 305 chapters, of which not only the first and last just a set length; but what already is ‘proposition’? Since there are lists without commas, minimum constructions without any decoration, line breaks, mid-sentence (which in poetry thinking leaves), nesting, pointillist impressions carpets, inserted passages with screenwriter character, terse dialogue, kaleidoscopes and mosaics … The artistic form transported an act is with great wit, but also all sorts of nonsense ( “God is God, Darwin is Darwin.

”), slapstick ( “Surfer and dope fit together like … surfers and dope.”) and primitive or ordinärem vocabulary seasoned.

So one amusing disconcerting Opus as ” the Kings of Cool < " Don Winslow:" the Kings of Cool " for sale (opens new browser tab) "img style =" border: 0; margin-left: 5px; margin-right: 0px; " src = "pics/buy-from--s.gif" alt = "Don Winslow:" The Kings of Cool "buy (opens new browser tab)"> is often accepted not only in his native English-speaking countries and consumed, but also in the tongerecht translated by Conny extinguishing German version.

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Perhaps it is more common in this country is concerned as if behind it a deeper meaning or whether Don Winslow> only

What is it? The novel takes place in two time planes whose storylines move toward each other. What happens in the present (2005), is intimately linked with the past of the sixties to the eighties. The venue is consistently Laguna Beach in the Golden State California. Since you often live freely without constraints and obligations under the flower children slogan Love and Peace , and are drugs ‘s everywhere and always. (? The setting : Truth or ironic realism or pampered house Prejudice)

1967: John McAlister is 14 and “a typical Grem – T-shirt and board shorts, Mexican sandals shell necklace “. With his skateboard he rolls along the Ocean Avenue. Taco Bell he steals regularly what people so leave something on the table. He reflected through the day. His parents are preoccupied with themselves and their problems, he just took off and is now living in a hippie commune.

One day, gathered in front of Taco, a group of homeless people. A coot, “the Southern California Surfer version of a marine God” tacos distributed with hot sauce in plastic trays at all. He calls himself “Doc” reveals neither his real name nor that he has a criminal record. Later turns out to be this Jesus-type than drug-devil par. First he vertickert everything high does, he makes a career as a drug lord. He dominated the whole scene, pulls the hidden wires makes the most with Mexican cartels, buys the police and judiciary and spans all sent for and against the other one.

To the small vagabond John cares Doc touchingly if not from Caritas. For a small pocket money “Docs Baby” takes discreet messenger services. On his skateboard, backpack full of banknotes, he schliddert to various financial institutions in Laguna, where the cashier to exchange small bill pile up hundreds bundle with ordinary stamps and already look forward to Docs attentions for Christmas.

John’s life is beautiful. “But it could be even better.” The boy has got it, so the Doc collects the dollar bills, and soon starts its own competitors. In 1971 has become a successful young businessman from Tacodieb while the country around as diverse-chaotic behaves around him that “flew McMurphy in One Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” to be remembered. John McAlister lands, this is not inappropriate, for a few years in jail …

2005 – other times, other wars, other people. Ben, Chon and Ophelia ( “O”), nineteen old to Twenty Three years are inseparable. It has two families – “is born one in which one and the other, which one chooses” – and the three are one such family of choice. Each represents the other just would even risk his life. They also operate in three years together trafficking in drugs (which else?). Chon brought useful seeds from Afghanistan as Navy Seal . Now you are looking for garden sheds to hydroponics to create, and of course they need capital.

When reading a newspaper in a grill Ben is angela bert by an “old bag”. Despite the T-message ( “Old Guys Rule”) Ben has no idea who he’s dealing with. What does he know of their home-grown Shit? And what shall at all the ominous hints? The market is finally free. But the old man is clear: “You motherfuckers think you are the Kings of Cool … you know a shit?”.

And so begins concoct about the three young people nasty mischief. The old and the new times team up to police sirens and Helikopterschnattern in the final showdown for a clear edge care

But Chon guessed it. The story is by no means complete. Not only that, the times and the market ripe are for modern people like him and his buddies. The ties to the forefathers fall much lower. The past “is always with us … in our bloodstream.” The continuity of the markets makers and methods is assured. Only there are now the three friends, who are said admiringly. “You have everything you are young, you have money, cool clothes, beautiful girl Everything you are kings…”

As the strings in lost detail can be in the rapid, unconventional, turbulent narrative style is not always easy to follow, but occasional puzzles doing the reading pleasure nor canceled as the courage to leave gaps.

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