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One of the most memorable quotes I remember hearing was “The first time you see your child you will understand the true meaning of love. ” I never understood those words mainly because I was a twenty-one year old college student focused on school, my career, and most importantly my social life. Then on May of 2008 my favorite quote was about to become a quick realization of what I could expect and I would have a new understanding because that’s when I found out I was pregnant.

My life was about to change and I would now look back and reminisce how my life was before having a baby, and now see how much more enriched my life is now after my unexpected pregnancy. Before I became a mother my everyday life consisted of school Monday through Friday mornings and work at nights and weekends the typical schedule of any college student paying their way through school. I know it seems completely boring, but it was not all work.

I of course had parties that I attended as my social life.

It seems that when I was in college and no longer in high school being able to maintain a social life and work a full time job is much harder than one would think. I am sure the government has a lot of my money which was spent on frivolous items that I really didn’t need but if the money was in my hand and the clothes fit I would consider it taken.

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My closet was a rainbow of different designers and an array of beautiful colors, every shirt Wilder 2 matched perfectly with my vintage designer jeans. I was in a relationship with an amazing man whom I love so dearly.

Comparison Contrast Essays

We would go on trips to the mountains almost every weekend and enjoy playing horse-shoes with our neighbors, but our favorite part of our trips to the mountains was spending some time with friends in the hot-tub drinking and telling stories of our “wild pasts. “ When were hanging out around the house on the weekends, we would always have a party with friends and stay up chatting over bon-fires we would build to roast marshmallows; all the girls would hangout around the bon-fire drinking and chatting while the boys were busy playing horse-shoes or corn hole.

Oh how I miss those days. Life seemed so much simpler before I got hit with the hardest job of my life. On January 13, 2009, my son Lucas Jackson was born and my life was in for a complete makeover. No longer would my closet be the center of my universe; I was now responsible for another person. Things get put into perspective when I have to put another persons needs before my own. No more spontaneous trips to the mall to get the latest Hollister tee and rainbow flip flops. The trips I have become more accustomed to is now trips to Wal-Mart for diapers and formula.

Those great long nights of sleep are interrupted by cries and diaper changes at ungodly hours of the morning. The time I used to be able to dedicate to school has become more chaotic and more challenging. My social life had to be put on pause, with another person in the mix there are more important things in life than how many friends I have acquired on Face book that week. After the birth of my son my responsibilities changed; I was no longer a selfish entitled twenty-two year old college student I was now a mom.

Despite the challenges, I had the greatest most rewarding job anyone could ask for; it was a big change but a very much appreciated one. Wilder 3 Parents always go around saying “kids shouldn’t be having kids. ” I actually see their intent when they speak those famous five words. Before I was a mother I went from an everyday normal college student who was finding herself and trying to make her mark on the world to an unbrushed and unfashionable everyday regular mom. Even though my life has definitely had its challenges and struggles with having a child before I finished school and was able to start my career.

I would not change my decision for anything in the world because seeing the smile on my little boy’s face makes all the hard obstacle I have overcome that much more grateful to me. The best day of my life was when I became a mother; my life now has a purpose and my son has given me the initiative I needed to make something of my life. Lucas has given the drive and the determination to reach all the goals I have set for myself, and is also the cause of many new ones.

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