Antisocial Personality Disorder Guadalupe Guizar Reyes HACC South West February 1, 2012 Antisocial Personality Disorder Often most people don’t understand the real issue behind Antisocial Personality Disorder and has been made clear that previous studies show that most personality disorders if not all begin by displaying symptoms during early childhood. Although very little is done about ASPD, whether it being due to lack of knowledge or not wanting to admit failure of flaw in your family, this article while far from perfect does a well job in declaring all the important aspects in the disorder.

The website itself is very organized and highly informative, presenting most frequently asked questions and answering them in terms that any person with any type of educated level can comprehend. What causes antisocial personality disorder? How is it treated? What happens if it gets untreated? Questions that any person who is looking into this particular disorder whether it be for research of relevant to you or someone you know in which you want to seek help for will find most constructive.

The website is not only informative but also beneficial to someone who is looking for treatment, possessing a section in which you can seek for help near you. It contains many tools that are easily accessible, useful to those in search for a specific disorder. They include a section called “Patient Discussions” where previous patients may comment on a question for instants, what treatment has been effective for your antisocial personality disorder? While not a personal question it can be quite discouraging for those who have yet to find an effective way to deal or cope with their disorder may lose interest or hope in receiving treatment.

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To date… nothing has even remotely changed about my antisocial personality disorder and have been in and out of mental institutions most of my life. ” (author last name, date, page number) The content on the page is easy on the eyes, black text on a black background, making it readable to keep visitors from leaving the site while making the website look polished and professional. The negative input to the content is that although readable, every section is in the same style format, color making it difficult to istinguish one section from another. The website contains many links to other information on different types of disorders containing their symptoms, treatment, causes and other informative data all at the reach of one website making it counterproductive. The website contains features on how to distinguish one disorder from another and how from afar you can characterize the disorder, which is quite useful to those who may think a loved one maybe in need of treatment but are unsure of how to go about it.

Despite the lack of space on the website it makes up with different alternatives on how the disorder can be treated, therapy for instants “For example, teenagers who receive therapy, helps them change the thinking that leads to their maladaptive behavior (cognitive behavioral therapy) has been found to significantly decrease the incidence of repeat antisocial behaviors. ” The website contains good factors, it’s easy to navigate and locate particular sections you’re most interested in and everything located under one website.

If by chance that there is something distinct you are searching for and cant seem to find located at the top left hand corner is a search section where it’ll lead you different website with similar traits. The website is good for all who are interested in ASPD or any specific medical condition whether it is for personal knowledge or seeking guidance and help. It will give you a clear understanding of these medical conditions and awareness. http://www. medicinenet. com/antisocial_personality_disorder/article. htm

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Antisocial Personality Disorder
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