Psychotherapy is The Only Known Method of Treating Diseases of Antisocial Personality Disorder

When looking through the list of disorders the one I became most interested in researching was an antisocial personality disorder. I chose this disorder because I believed I am an antisocial person and wanted to see if any qualities people possessing this disorder have in common with me. The first thing I researched was what types of symptoms people possessing this disorder have three stuck out to me. For one, people with antisocial personality disorder have a lack of empathy for others, they can’t sympathize with what others are going through and lack remorse about causing physical pain to others.

Following this they can’t respect the rights of other people, they abuse others through intimidation and dishonesty, causing the other person to feel insecure. The last thing that jumped out at me was their arrogance, they feel they are better than everyone and that anyone other than them is inferior.

Thankful not a lot of people have antisocial personalities, only about 3% of men and 1% of women possess this disorder, so the chance of having it or very low.

You, however, have a higher chance of getting this disorder if you were abused as a child and your parents also had this disorder. It doesn’t help either if you grew up with parents that are alcoholics. Unfortunately, if you do have an antisocial personality disorder you can’t get medications to combat the effects. As so now no medications for this disorder exist. The only hope people possessing this disorder to have is to get psychotherapy.

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It is the only known treatment for this disorder. Psychologists may recommend you undergo cognitive behavioral therapy, which is a therapy that helps manage the symptoms of mental illnesses, this can help people with an antisocial personality disorder by replacing negative beliefs and behavior with positive ones.

The most interesting thing I found out when researching this disorder is that there has only been one controlled trial for people with this disorder. Not a lot of trials have been conducted for others researching this disorder to find a medication and lessen the symptoms. Another interesting find was that some of the most famous serial killers have been known to have this disorder like Jeffery Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and Ronnie Lee Gardner. Well, it is certain to me after doing this research that while I am antisocial, I do not have an antisocial personality.

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