Circus Performances: Do You Notice the Animals?

When you go to the circus you see a lot of performance of people and animals. In those performance have you ever noticed the animals that perform. You should know that the animals that perform struggle a lot to show you their performance. By the way do you believe in animal cruelty? I believe animal cruelty should be banned. In animal cruelty animals are not free and cannot live their life in their way.

They are not free to live their life anymore.

Their life is not in their hand anymore. Animals also cannot do anything they want to do, like we do. By the way when you go to your friends house, for a sleepover, your parents are worried about you. But baby animals kidnapped from their parents forever , and those parents are worried about their children . Animals also do not also have any support. What may happen if something goes wrong with the animal.

And by the way animals also are worried about their families.

Have you ever seen anyone treated badly or you been treated badly? Well, animals are treated badly. They are treated badly mostly, that to sometimes for simple mistakes. And after all, they have to obey and be discipline. And sometimes they are not even safe while doing the task. And think how difficult would it be, if they had never done the task before.

Well my opinion is animal cruelty should be banned forever, because there are a lot more things to do for humans.

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For example friends, video games, television and a lot more. And when you enjoy so much, why would like to spoil those animals life who can’t effort as much as you. And still you want to interrupt. You know, the people who really don’t care at all about animals are too selfish after all this enjoyment.

Well if you did not have a lot of enjoyment why would you want to interrupt in those animals life’s, because each one should live their life freely and happily. And even if you capture them they would want you to treat them nicely. But nowadays the way, there is of no use for the animals to live, because they have no meaning of their life. And I know that after this essay you are going to say NO FOR ANIMAL CRUELTY! For sure.

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Circus Performances: Do You Notice the Animals?
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