Impact of Eating Behavior Pattern to Academic Performances of Grade 10 students

Topics: Healthy Eating

Eating behavior pattern plays an important role in every teenager to promote a portion of healthy food and a culture of healthy eating because there is a possibility that their eating behavior pattern can affect their academic performances. Nowadays, teens don’t care about what they eat, they become demanding in terms of choosing foods. Helping them to be aware of the benefits of healthy eating behavior is very important. Moreover, everything can be seen on the internet. Even the information on eating behavior is searchable and there are a lot of disadvantages that can be seen on Google.

However, teenagers no longer care about what food they eat. As long as they can feed themselves, it’s already okay to them.

In Bangladesh University, eating behavior is defined as “normal behavior related to eating propensities, selecting foods that you simply eat: culinary preparations and quantities of ingestion”. Eating behavior could be a basic portion of life because it can influence long-pull well-being results because of undesirable dietary patterns.

For example, expanding supplements insufficient food, skipping meals and an absence of a propitious eating regimen are comprehended to cause different medical issues and wholesome needs, eating patterns and dietary habits are likely to be an additional challenge for students as they negotiate numerous difficulties of the new environment (Ashraful, Kabir, et al., 2018).

A student’s academic performance occupies a very important place in education as well as in the learning process. It is considered a key criterion to judge one’s total potentialities and capacities (Nuthana & Yenagi, 2009).

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Globally, the literature recommends that during the transitional period from secondary level to graduate level, students regularly engaged in undesirable dietary propensities and poor dietary intake. In any case, adequate food is vital at this age to keep up great physical and mental wellness, ensure sound subjective and intellectual enhancement, and accomplish ideal academic performance (Ashraful, Kabir, et al., 2018).

According to a National Nutrition Council (NNC) Says in a ponder that children’s eating propensities have been changing as they eat more empty calories and no longer eat vegetables. NNC and the Department Of Health also say that the Philippines has 1,163 Barangay or Barrio that are powerless to starvation and ailing health. The territories that incorporate are the area of Masbate, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi, Apayao, Capiz, Negros Oriental, Zamboanga del Norte, Basilan, Bukidnon, Maguindanao, and Lanao del Sur (Melecio, G.E. 2007).

In Panabo City, in today’s Generation students have gotten to be cultured in terms of foods they eat. As we interviewed one of the canteen staff of San Vicente National High School. The canteen staff says that eating behavior patterns have a relationship to the academic performances of the students and if the students did not eat a meal it causes malnutrition, lack of focus, and brain damage. In addition, breakfast is important to get ready for the students to focus in terms of academic performance.

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