Essay Example on This Is The System Of Standardized Marks

These 3 men proved their self-lessened, sincerity, and their caring TOWARDS the people of America. These 3 men showed us that with a little effort from everyone, there can be sunshine the next day. These 3 men decided to write about the darkest, deepest of situations only to have all of us, and everyone else become knowledgeable of the issues of overpopulation. These three men chose to take time out of their lives to attempt to help our nation and the lives of you and me.

These 3 men help make possible the fresh air we breath, the availability of lean water to cleanse ourselves, the roofs we have over our head, just because they took the time to announce the problems with overpopulation. Because of these 3 men we have freedom to do With our lives as we choose. If these 3 men did not take the time to explain the severity of the problems, we eventually would have restricted choices. If these 3 men did not take the time to educate the people we would have no preparation for a single problem that may arise from overpopulation, this would mean utter chaos.

Our nation has controlled population and prevented he problems that could have happened, now we must maintain that pride for our future generations as these three men did for us. Because of our control over population, our nation has given us the best of both worlds. We can not even imagine how life would be anywhere else; maybe it would be like living on the streets, or even in a gutter.

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Because our nation has such control, many people take our freedom for advantage. People need to appreciate each and everything given to us, from the chair you sit in now, to the heart that is beating in your chest.

People need to appreciate that they can wake up in the morning to arrive at their job, or even at school. People need to appreciate the fact that we do not have restricting laws telling us how many children we are allowed to have, that we do not have authorities regulating our everyday decisions. People need to appreciate the education that is available for the youth today. People need to appreciate that we have the free will to voice our opinion, to vote in elections, to protest against events that we may disagree with.

These are only a few of the freedoms that are taken advantage of, only cause people don’t imagine how life would be without them. These 3 men not only care for themselves, not only for the people, but also for our environment. These 3 men have shown to the people that they once again are self-lessened, sincere, and caring for people like you and me. Therefore in appreciation of such, we need to take their words to heart and do something about it. Our society and environment may be fine as we look around today, but if we do not take a serious look at the problems that may come from overpopulation now; we will have but no choice later.

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Essay Example on This Is The System Of Standardized Marks
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