Abolish Standardized Testing For College Admissions.

The article from the Huffington Post called Abolish Standardized Testing For College Admissions by Theresa Hernandez is an opinion piece that explains how test-optional policies help improve the colleges diversity. She talks about how educational institutions responsibility is to serve and support all students to be successful. This article benefits my paper by already having some of the research and studies conducted that I can use and draw from to strengthen my points. The article has results that are similar to other studies ran on the same subject making it reliable to use.

One thing that people agree on is that school are to be accountable to know if their teaching efforts are working or not. Daniel Koretz is an expert on educational testing and believes that standardized testing is harming students and corrupting the ways of teaching. He believes that high stake testing such as the ACT or SAT show little to no evidence of educational improvement. It is suggested in his book that we change the way of measuring the teaching done by educators by eliminating high state test.

The source is great because it shows the perspective of a professor at Harvard and can be used to help show how educators feel about standardized testing. Also with Koretz being considered an expert on the topic it can help build credibility in my paper.

By requiring test scores for admissions, it puts students in the mind set that they need to achieve a certain score which in return add more stress about taking the test.

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Removing test scores from the admission process truly benefits the students, especially those of low income and or colored students. The idea of removing the test from the traditional acceptance process helps relieve some of the pressure that students may face while taking these test. Using statistics and testimony from a college that has decided not to use standardized testing and their reasons behind it can help improve the argument on why we should require them anymore. This article provides a time line of standardized testing in the United States. It electively shows how the idea of formally measuring students success has turned in to putting a spotlight on the importance of standardized testing. It brings light on how the No Child Left Behind educational reform came about and the role it plays in standardized testing.

This article will help me make my point by allowing me to provide a background of how standardized testing came about and how it evolved into what it is today. Standardized testing is used to measure he effectiveness of an educators teaching styles based on the students performance. For students that aren’t good test takers or become stressed out do not always accurately represent the teachers true teaching ability. This leads to misleading result that either make the teacher look like they are doing a better or worse job than they truly are. There needs to be another system in place to measure the quality of schooling accurately if we want to remove standardized testing. I believe that this article can help strengthen my arguments by using the sample items and also by discussing other means of measuring the schools quality.

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