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From three employees in 969 to 300,000 in 2008, the approach & dedication has remained the same, our success has always been based around delivering excellent service for our customers. Never complacent, DEL has become a brand acknowledged for personal commitment proactive solutions & local strength. At the heart of its success are its employees who focus on the customer’s needs & provide Individually customized solutions. Corporate citizenship is an integral part of our company’s ethos & our approach to It strongly supports the DEL vision, mission & values.

It Is also aligned with the sustainability strategy of our company, Deutsche Post World Net. Our DEL mission Is that DEL enhances the business of our customers by offering the highest quality express & logistics solutions based on strong local expertise combined with the most extensive global network presence. DEL attracts develops & retains exceptional people by creating a truly global working environment & placing value on our multicultural heritage. DEL delivers above-average returns by providing superior quality & solutions at all levels of the business processes.

DEL is responsible corporate citizens in all countries in which we operate taking into account the social environmental needs of our employees, local communities and the public. Our vision at DEL Is that “Customers trust DEL as the preferred global express & logistics partner, leading the Industry in terms of quality, profitability & market share” Also from our current work, there are signals that our customers particularly theses that are global brands – have Increasingly rigorous expectations of their suppliers In terms of their ethical, social & environmental performance.

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DEL also deliver seven corporate values, with corporate citizenship being an integral part of today’s business oral. Nowadays a company’s success is considered not just in commercial terms. It is also Judged on the impact it has on the people it touches, the places where it operates & on its ethics. Because of the nature of corporate citizenship & its reach into the breath & depth of an organization. Our work also supports the other Group Corporate Values, which are; To deliver excellent quality To make our customers successful To foster openness To act according to clear priorities To act In an entrepreneurial way.

To act with integrity & externally 10 accept social responsibilities Our core values let us know reputation is everything that is takes years to build & must be protected & enhanced, It is part of fulfilling our customers’ expectations of us. It shows our largest customers demand proof that our commitment to corporate citizenship is equal to theirs. It shows that the management is “switched on” & prepared for the future, in front of any task. They are a challenge & a guide for us; they accompany our process of development & develop along with us.

The code of conduct arises from these values & is oriented on such international conventions & deadlines as those of the universal declaration of human rights. Stakeholders are groups of people who have an interest in a business organization and at DEL we have a wide range of stakeholders both internal & external. As part of our approach to corporate citizenship, we believe that it is vital that we identify our stakeholders & either consult them or establish a dialogue with them to understand their key concerns – this will help us shape our future activities & to be sensitive to the impact that they have.

Engaging our stakeholders allows us to gather input & ideas, improve decision aging, gain an understanding of the different viewpoints, anticipate & manage conflict, strengthen relationships & enhance corporate reputation. In DEL our stakeholders are: Our customers, an external stakeholder who has a use the services provided by DEL, has an interest of them to deliver quality. Our shareholders, an internal stakeholder who holds shares within DEL, they have an interest in the profit, performance of DEL. Our business partners, an external stakeholder our business partners are our big customers which involve the likes of Amazon, EBay, Avon.

Local communities, an external stakeholder who’s interest revolves around Job opportunities and environmental issues. Suppliers, an in internal stakeholder, the relationships we forge with our supplier partners are key to our team’s agility, integrity and competitiveness, and our ability to meet our customers’ needs. Financial institutions, an external stakeholder, our aim is to meet the current and future needs of our financial customers through careful customization of our global distribution and e- Commerce capabilities. Media, an external stakeholder, the media is one of Dell’s ways of communication about the company.

Whether it is advertising, press conferences or company information. Nation & local governments, an external stakeholder who have an interest in the company about taxation, VAT and legislation. We use our stakeholders to be guided by their views & concerns by engaging with our stakeholders we make better decisions & find better solutions. Stakeholders at DEL have different views on why their stakeholders, at this company for example shareholders would have more of an interest to maximize profit of the company & also the value of shares.

While employees have an interest to improve heir salaries & the security of their Job. At DEL our stakeholders main objectives is to see customer excellence delivered to the best of our ability to enable our stakeholders to grow and grow. Because at DEL we Just don’t listen to our stakeholders, we are guided by their views & concerns. By engaging with stakeholders we make netter echelons & Tina netter solutions, wanly makes our stakeholders objectives clear, for DEL to grow and succeed. With our warehouse working in conjunction with Marks & Spencer we work in two different departments.

We have boxed warehouse operatives & hanging warehouse operatives. Boxed operatives are responsible for receiving, put away & picking of all home wear items in Marks & Spencer. While hanging operatives are responsible or the receiving, put away & picking of clothing items supplied by Marks & Spencer. Above the boxed & hanging warehouse operatives are the boxed & hanging team leaders. They are responsible for the overseeing of the boxed & hanging operatives to insure all objectives handed out by managers our carried out & that all operatives are allocated over the warehouse.

After the boxed & hanging team leaders we have the boxed & hanging section managers. If any warehouse operatives have any queries they report to section manager who also ensure health & safety is at its standard in their department. They are also a stand in manager for shift manager. Next in the organization chart is the shift manager who is in charge of their shift when dealing with staff who need shift changes, holidays, also ensuring targets set by Marks & Spencer are met & that all work hours & spread sheets are checked & confirmed. Each shift has its own warehouse.

The warehouse manager is to manage the day to day operations of the warehouse, also manage the team leaders, and ensure the distraction achievement of the company’s obligation to its customers, contractual and other. They are to ensure a successful operation, probability, productivity, quality & people management. The warehouse Manager then reports to the operations manager who also works along side the finance manager as planning manager. The operations manager ensures & confirms that all operations are on going, executing against customer requirements, operational performance.

He reports to the general manager who works alongside DEL & Marks & Spencer about the functioning of the warehouse to maximize the weekly, monthly and annual reference of the site. Our warehouse also works with an HER department which starts off with our HER manager, who would be in charge of the HER department & also deal with disciplinary hearings. HER then breaks down into a training department & also stays with HER into an HER officer. The HER officer deals with holidays from operatives, also problems with peoples pay packages & are responsible for the recruitment & selection.

The training officer is in charge for setting up the training programs, whether it is new health & safety or new operations that come into place. Training assistants are brought in from the shop lord to pass on their experience to new employees & to employees who need further training. An HER administrator is responsible to the HER officer & is responsible for all administrative duties within the HER department. HER assistants are also brought in off the floor to help with employees who have enquires with holidays or unlooses & enquiry AT work mourn.

As any large company does we also have a financial manager who is in charge of all the financial matters of the warehouse such as new equipment and uniforms & must ensure and work within a set budget. The planning manager is in charge of planning he warehouse layout & of any improvements needed. Our warehouse also has an inventory manager & assistants who are in charge of office materials & also do quality control checks on staff who receive stock into the warehouse, to make sure it hasn’t been under or over received, to understand Dell’s stock loss contractual liability and ensure any potential risk is effectively mitigated.

They also do stock counts on stock to make sure all is correct on the system. The finance manager also works along fiance© administrator & finance assistants they provide paper work & set up of charts for the general manager. For organization chart see Appendix 0. 1) In my organization our management starts off with the General Manager whose role in the warehouse is to maximize the weekly, monthly & annual performance of the warehouse by providing leadership and also focusing on customer requirements who in our case is Marks & Spencer.

The manager is also responsible for having the warehouse running in an effective operational performance that ensures targets are met. They should also ensure their work force is motivated with the will to drive on success, they must also ensure succession planning & making DEL a great place to org. They should also be aware of the contribution of the company to the commercial environment, taking responsibility for attracting new & additional business. (For General Manager Job role see Appendix 0. ) Next in line to General Manger is Operations Manager, whose purpose is to maximize the performance of the operation by directing the daily, weekly & monthly activities & also provide leadership within the workplace & motivation to other workers. The Operations Manager also organisms the workforce but mainly executing against customer requirements “Marks & Spencer” operational performance & making DEL a read place to work. They our also responsible for all operations in boxed & hanging departments making sure all targets are being met. (For Operations Manager Job role see Appendix 0. ) Next in the operational role comes team leader which is a supervisory role. Their role is to assign work schedules & to ensure that team members are trained in warehouse processes. They must also monitor their progress by carrying out productivity & accuracy checks & allocation of warehouse operatives. They also have to carry out warehouse operative duties if the warehouse has more work than planned. It is also their duty to report any breaches of health & safety regulations & incidents / accidents to Management / health & safety officer. Team leaders are also assigned additional duties by management. For Team Leader Job role see Appendix 0. 4) (For Management structure see Appendix u In my organization middle managers play a key role within their shift. They are measured against their general responsibilities. General responsibilities of our section managers are to deliver our basic team management which is ensuring staff know what is required of them. They must plan, manage & adjust staffing levels to et operational requirements- this is making sure staff are allocated to right places in the warehouse by working long side team leader.

They are to ensure a safe, secure, clean & fair work environment for team members. This involves working along with the health & safety officer, ensuring that the department is complying with health & safety standards. They are also to deliver team member performance reviews, this is informing staff about their work rate & what level it is sitting at They must also facilitate effective communication ensuring that all staff are given clear instructions on what is required of them. At times they are to manage all disciplinary & grievance issues in line with H.

R policy. This will involve briefing staff on their disciplinary hearings & letting them know what action is being taken. Other middle management responsibilities include: Ensuring compliance to standard operating procedures, this is ensuring all operations are being run at an above average standard and that reasonable quality is being produced. Ensuring company policies are communicated, applied & enforced, this is making sure all staff are clear on the warehouse rules & guidelines & that they are followed in the right manner.

They must work in collaboration with other DEL sites to maximize efficiencies & best practice, this will involve communicating other DEL warehouses on ideas that might improve the work force They must also organism & lead the focus on improved productivity levels. When an effective plan has been completed, such as easier work layout & allocation to enable it to staff & maintain it. For section managers to have successful objectives they are to have key relationships with: Team members General Manager Operations Manager Supervisors Team leader Customer representatives Vendors While carrying out their work duties they must have a strong focus. Squired to focus on: Direction of work Development & execution of the shift / daily / weekly plans Workload planning, staffing, volume Resource deployment They are service performance Customer / vendor visits Management Style (For Middle Manager Job role see Appendix 0. 6) In my organization our managers would be categorized as an autocratic leader. This is because in my company all orders are given by the customer “Marks & Spencer” & must be set out to provide results for objectives that have been set. Mangers fall under this category for giving out all policies, making decisions & insuring all objectives are completed.

It also means that staff are being used in their preferred job roles that they are known for. In my organization there is a wide range of communication used, but depending on what role you have in the warehouse, communication can be limited. For the likes of General Manager, H. R Manager, Operations Manager, Warehouse Manager, Shift Managers & Section Managers their main source of communication would be email with DEL & Marks & Spencer also with each other, which comes in useful when communicating using data such as charts & spreadsheets.

The warehouse has an internal telephone system, which has a number of telephones points which staff can use to contact management & team leaders. Before the start of a shift the main method of communication used of staff would be by having a “Daily Team Brief” (For Team Brief see Appendix 0. 7) this is when management displays all information on page & it is explained out by team leader. The team brief gives such information as how many items are to be picked out for stores, also how the overall productivity is standing. It gives information on the days events e. . Number of lorries arriving into the warehouse for off loading. Health & safety information is also given for staff to be reminded of. An “Any other business section” is also given which sets reminders for staff about any wrong doings that can lead to disciplinary action, also of new Job opportunities, having no mobile phones inside warehouse. Other ways of communication around the warehouse would be the use of notice boards such as union news. The board would display when the next meeting would be & how past meetings went.

The H. R notice board tells people of sickness news & available weeks to book off for holidays. Recently our warehouse has started its own newsletter. The newsletter gives staff information on how Marks & Spencer stores are doing, how figures our standing in the warehouse, movements that are happening in the warehouse, also Job opportunities that are available. When it comes to my organization communicating with colleagues outside the warehouse such as Marks & Spencer & DEL, most of this is done by email & telephone.

Around every three months Marks & Spencer & DEL representatives from Ireland headquarters visit the warehouse to see how performance is going, it gives management an opportunity to communicate face to face for a better understanding. Out of these types of communication our best form of communication would be out team brief. This would be our form of communication that works well with us Decease all star our present. I newer Is vernal communication wanly means star can understand clearly what they need to know.

Staff are also able to ask questions themselves & get any points they would like across with mostly instant replies. It also means that all staff is getting the same message given to each other so that there’s no confusion between them When Marks & Spence’s visit a number of questions are answered on the spot, questions such as Job security, upcoming events new Jobs. Our news letter gives employees & management opportunity to communicate with staff on all shifts which works out well for the likes of night shift workers who are in on non- operational hours of work.

Notice boards can sometimes give staff useful information such as available holiday hours, but these boards are at times not kept up to date which means staff don’t get the right information needed. At times in my organization all staff aren’t given the information in full which can cause confusion among workers, this would be workers that work on core day hours & aren’t involved in a team brief. Also Information is also given that is irrelevant to staff for their duties egg information from other departments.

Other barriers with my organization would be when Marks & Spencer demand stock each day while DEL prefer to send out full lorries as it is more efficient. With my our organization having such a large complex it can sometimes be difficult getting in touch with a member of staff. Ways we can overcome my organization not giving out staff information is give them a quick brief when they start despite their start time, When giving staff information they are given the information they need & require for there working ay.

With Marks & Spencer becoming a fuel efficient company with DEL they have made a number of the small stores reduce their orders from day to day to two times a week, which means DEL can send out lorries with more loads saving on CO emissions due to less traveling involved. Our complex was a Tanana audio system installed over the speaker system meaning a member of of staff can be called out to meet in a certain destination to communicate face to face. Interpersonal relationships in my organization involve communication with a number of people we employ from Eastern Europe who aren’t fluent on English.

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