Four Marks Of The Church

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One. Holy. Catholic. Apostolic. these four words are the foundation of the Catholic Church. They are what the Church calls the “Four Marks. ” The First Council of Constantinople established them in 381. These words were fist used in the Nicene Creed. and are still used to this twenty-four hours when we say “I believe in one sanctum.

Catholic. apostolic Church. ” With the Holy Spirit assisting to steer the Church it can transport out these four Markss.

The fist grade of the Church is One describes. and it describes integrity. The Church tells us it is one because of three things. The grounds are that it is a beginning to the Trinity. besides because Jesus is the laminitis of the church. and the last is because the Holy Spirit is its psyche.

It chiefly tells us about the integrity of the Body of Christ. This means that our Church is together as one. and non many divided communities. The 2nd grade is Holy. This describes to us that since God created the Church it is genuinely holy.

What Do The Four Marks Of The Church Mean

The term means cosmopolitan. and this shows that the Church does non hold to be in a specific topographic point. or except a race or civilization. Jesus is the beginning to holiness. The 3rd grade is Catholic.

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It is Catholic because Jesus is ever present in the church. The last grade of the church is apostolic. Jesus is the soul laminitis of the church. and he gave all of the power in the church to his apostles to be bishops. and he had Peter be the leader called the Pope when he left. Besides the church has Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture. ( 1 )

One. is a grade of the church that can hold a connexion to many events. An event that relates to this grade of is Pentecost. It relates to this grade for assorted grounds. One ground is that since through this grade it says we are all united. and Pentecost shows how the Holy Spirit helped to unite people. Pentecost is like this. because when the Apostles were in the room. they were filled with the Holy Spirit. This allowed them to be able to prophesy in different linguistic communications. They could unify everyone because they can now talk all linguistic communications. and everyone could now hear about the narratives of Jesus. Another ground is that this grade tells us that the Holy Spirit guides us to carry through this grade. merely like at Pentecost where the Holy Spirit guided the Apostles to hold the bravery to travel out and baptise. ( 2 )

The 2nd grade of the Church is holy. and I feel that it has a strong connexion to Peter. I feel this manner. because Peter is the 1 of the holiest work forces to of all time populate. Jesus gave him the key to heaven. and personally appointed him to function as the Catholic Pope. Peter was besides was the lone Apostle who walked on H2O. because he believed in Jesus. but when he stopped he started to drop. This shows that he was one of the holiest work forces because no other adult male has walked on H2O. In my sentiment Peter is the perfect illustration of sanctum. because he is the foundation of our church. and our Church would non be where it is today. if it wasn’t for Peter. ( 3 )

The 3rd grade of the Church is Catholic. I feel that Mary is a good illustration of this grade. Mary is a good illustration because she is the female parent of God and a major image in our Catholic Church today. This grade connects to Mary. because she knew that Jesus was the boy of God. and she would make what of all time God asked of her. She ne’er sinned and was taken organic structure and psyche into Eden. This shows that she is the function theoretical account of all Catholics. and we need to seek to populate a life like hers. We ever need to retrieve that Jesus is ever with us. and we need to move every bit closely as we can to him. like Mary did. ( 3 )

The 4th and concluding grade of the church is Apostolic. I think that Paul is a good illustration of this. He was a one time a evildoer. because he persecuted Jews. so one twenty-four hours he had a major transition. He went blind. and his sight was subsequently returned. but right after that he began to prophesy the word of God. He is a good illustration of Apostolic. because he had a transition and subsequently became an Apostle. and he besides took missional journeys to prophesy about Jesus. and dispersed Catholicism. Paul besides wrote seven epistles that are in the New Testament. Paul was a great Apostle. and Scripture author. which is why I feel he connects with the Apostolic Mark. ( 3 )

At Providence the grade that I feel largely mundane is one. I feel this because I think that at Providence we are ne’er separated. there is ever a household atmosphere about the topographic point. Whenever we have all school multitudes. I feel that is when we genuinely have integrity among us. We all do non cognize each other. but it merely feels like were at place. All the people at Providence are so welcoming to one another. There is a particular bond between everyone here that makes you experience as one. like we are all incorporate. Integrity is all around Providence ; it happens mundane. because there is ever person at that place to pick you up no affair what. It is genuinely a 2nd household. because we are all united.

The four Markss of the Church are the foundation of our church. We need to seek to populate them out so we can go better people. Many other faiths say these Markss in the Creed. but merely the Catholic Church reflect on what they really mean. The Church is one and all the people in it map as a whole. These four Markss have been passed down since Jesus’ clip and go on to this twenty-four hours.

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