Effects of Online Gaming on Students Academec Performance


The following sample essay on effects of online gaming on students academec performance. In the present time, most adolescents get hooked on to online gaming. Online games are video games played through a form of computer network.

Online games can range from simple text based games to games incorporating complex graphics and virtual worlds populated by many players simultaneously. Gaming faces criticism y groups who point out that some of the programs contain objectionable content. As the children clicked together with spreading of online games, parents and instructors are alarmed, but researchers questioned whether these games can be harnessed into educational purposes.

Purpose of the Research Paper

The purpose of this research is to know the effects of online gaming to the students’ academic performance and what are its positive and negative effects. With this research, people will be able to comprehend on what the students are enjoying so much about online gaming and why they let it affect their academic performance.

Statement of the Problem This study was conducted to determine the effects of online gaming to the academic performance of the students in AMACC-PQ.


Specifically, it aims to answer the following questions: gaming help the students in their studies? 3. What factors of online gaming make students addicted to them? 4. How online gaming affects the relationship of the students to their professor and to their parents? 5. How online gaming changes or affects the behavior of the students? 6. Does online gaming help the students to gain more information about their studies? Importance of the Study

This part will explain briefly the benefits it will bring to the community and the people to be benefited as well For the students who play online games – this study will be able to help them understand the different effects of online gaming to their academic performance For the parents of the students – this study will be able to help them the proper course of action depending on how online gaming affects their children’s academic performance.

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Scope and Limitation of the Study

The researchers were given the timeframe of approximately 1 month which started from the last week of October up to the 2nd week of December.

The respondents of this study are only for those students who are enrolled within the trimester in which this research was done. Surveys are to be used as a medium of gathering data, and the researchers will read articles or interview gamers and non- gamers alike to gather more information concerning this study.

Review of Related Literature

  1. “Videogames can change a person’s brain and, as researchers are finding, often that change is for the better. ”
  2. (Hotz, 2012) According to Bowcott (2009), games being more visually enticing made therapists to encounter more people obsessed of being online.

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Effects of Online Gaming on Students Academec Performance
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