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Education In Victorian Times Paper

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Education in Victorian Times was hard to come by.Each social class, the upper class, the middle class and the poor class, had different ways of getting education and the quality of education was different for each class, also. The higher class children were educated by hired tutors or attended an academy that prepared young men for the University.The middle class children usually went to private schools that were not as expensive as tutors or academies, but also provided an average education.In early Victorian England, most of the poor class children didn’t even receive an education.Many of them were sent to work at age five.The government didn’t want anything to do with the need for education.The churches pushed for educating the poorer classes though.In 1880, a law passed that said that all children from the ages of five to thirteen had to attend school.Although, many children did not go to school because their hard earned wages were needed at home.The churches tried to help out by setting up Sunday schools.They taught religious morals and some reading and writing.The reasons that these schools were more practical are because children were not expected to go to work on Sundays, they usually could be spared from home, and Sunday is the only day the volunteers could help. Soon, public schools emerged but were impractical for children who need to contribute to the family income. The educational quality varied in all of these different types of schools.Slowly education for the poor class got better. Facilities that trained teachers were established and many more laws about the amount of education that a child must receive were passed. The need of government involvement and ineffective voluntary efforts made it hard for the poorer classes to receive education.

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