The following example essay on “Okra Flower Diagram” talks about the effect of drought on the yield of okra, which grows on bushes and looks a lot like miniature green peppers.

Drought and Its types Okra ( Blabbermouths esculents L. Moneys) Is an Important vegetable grown In Pakistan and developing world d and is equally favorite among the rich and poor. Due to its flower structure it is responsive to breed inning and selection, but I iterative on the genetics of drought tolerance in this eve getable is not frequent .

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Drought Is a condition in which solo moisture contents are too low or tightly attracted by solo particle (due to rower osmotic potential) so that plant cannot w outdraw it or even if it absorbs it cannot meet its transpiration demands. There are different types of dry ought depending upon the growth stage of plant at which it occurs (Gestational, teal. 2007; stanza 2007; Kronor 2008). The stress that o occurs at seedling stage or during development phase may be called as early drought.

Such type of drought usually reduces the crop stand and as a result it damages yield due to 10 were than optimum plant population (Ashram 2005).

However, farmers usually respond to this drought by replanting their crops Massy and Dialog, 2001). This type of street ss has been proved Lethe al for early maturing varieties (Massy and Dialog, mom the stress while late maturing varieties have enough time to recover. Drought occurring during Vega dative growth period is ca Lied as vegetative phase drought.

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This type of drought affects plants assimilation organs, which usually decrease in number and size resulting in lower photos haunted production (Kaiser, 1987; Shaves, 1991; Larches, 1995; Shaves et al. 2002).

As a result yield decreases due to less amount f assimilate available e to the developing pods. The third type of stress De plops during bud formation, FL erring and grain filling period. It reduces yield due to abortion of ovule, embryo and sterility of pollen. Review of previous literature showed that this type of drought has the highest detrimental affects on pod yield (Aimed , 2003; Shadows 2006; Gestational, 2007). However, the highest affect on yield was recorded when drought was found to occur during flowering and pod formation.

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