Flower Cultivation and Marketing in Bangladesh

Executive Summary: Bangladesh Is one of the largest flower growing countries In south-East Salsa where great varlets of the same are produced In abundance. The scope, land, parent stocks, labor and other natural resources available have contributed towards making Bangladesh an exporter with great opportunities. There is no well planned and highly decorated flower cultivation and marketing industry which possesses its own brand and good will. It is now an opportunity for prospective entrepreneurs to invest in this sector. So we have selected the project “Flower Cultivation and Marketing” with planned and decorated way including Cabana.

The project’s main office Is in the showroom in Diamonds, Dacha and has a cultivation area in Savor, Dacha with easy transport facilities. Marking area Is mainly Dacha city Like Diamonds, Shabby, octagon, Goulash and other retail and whole sale shops outside Dacha. The present status and future potentials of the follicular Industry has given the project to export quality flowers In the International market.

Our business idea includes offers which are unique and different from customary way in terms of customer satisfaction. Its target customers are young generations with middle class, upper middle and upper class.

The short term and long term goals and objectives of the project are building and maintaining strong brand image by expanding application of flowers and delivering superior customer satisfaction. The project Is profitable and both technically and financially viable. As people are encouraged for flower cultivation and marketing the demand for flowers Is Increasing. So, flower cultivation project will face no problem In respect of marketing.

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From the very beginning year, 2009 our target is to reach in the leading position of the market by offering high quality, service, value and satisfaction within three or our years.

To gain competitive advantages, the projects design market offers effectively and efficiently that deliver/more value and satisfaction to the customers than competitors. The marketing strategy includes pricing and sales strategy based on the assumption, “Selling value not price. The project is both product (like flowers, plants) and service (Like Cabana, decoration) oriented. The marketing plan, operations, resources, Implementation and financial plan have been planned to produce high quality flowers and to exert best customer service. Employee satisfaction also has been considered in this context.

In the project, we have focused on the marketing used in growing flowers, the problems and risk in growing and trading flowers and finally the future potentials of the flower marketing industry. Flower cultivation and Marketing project will expand in 2013 by adding other different kinds of flowers and services including Cabana. It will also increase its marketing area both in home and abroad. It will maintain and increase the current net margin and rate of growth in sales. 2. Business Idea 2. 1 What is it about : Our business idea is about flower cultivation and its marketing with a planned and escorted way including Cabana.

In short, our business idea offers both products (Flowers) and service (Decoration with flowers). More clearly, our offerings are: (I) Flowers of verities (it) Flower, plants, seeds, leafs etc. (iii) Renting flower plants (v) Cabana (v) Decoration of homes offices cars and other festival programs with flowers. 2. 2 Uniqueness and greatness : Our business plan offers exclusive and unparalleled products and services of quality, variety, quantity and satisfaction rather than traditional way but at a fair price. So guarantees 100 percent customer satisfaction and friendly service.

This plan values not only its own profit but also customers demand and satisfaction. Employees are also the contributors of this idea. So “Flower cultivation and Marketing” is “Our” business rather than “Mine”. And there is the uniqueness and greatness of our business idea. 2. 3 What and whose needs to be satisfied : Who doesn’t love flower? Everyone. Because everyone desires a sound relation with others. Flowers are the sign of love, sympathy, cognates, Joy and even sorrow but we aim to structure a practical and realistic business plan. For this purpose we target some classified customers.

Our main targeted customers are l. Young generation II. Middle class Ill. Upper middle class and ‘V. Upper class Today people are so busy. Here time is most precious. Now we have money but not time to wish our near & dear ones or attend on various occasion. We can make up our absence offering some flowers. Moreover, programs without flower are beyond our imagination. So, our products and services are for customers’ mental satisfaction and as well as beautification. 2. 4 Our Business Model : In the sass rose, tuberose and marigold constitute the main product range.

But in the new millennium, gladiolus and orchid production take off in a big way and has owe a large share of the flowers market in the home and abroad. The product range rose etc. Besides this product range ewe also offer a unique service range with cabana and decoration. After this product/Service range our business model focuses on pricing strategy and sources of revenue. Prices vary with variety, quality, specification, export destination, terms of payments and other factors such as festival and seasonal requirement. However, average price should be considered at the time of production planning and export. . Business Goals and Objective 3. 1 Short Term Objectives : Expand area and scope and applications of flowers both in home and abroad. Create a new dimension in flower business through our intellectual creativity and service offerings. Provide employment opportunity for both educated and uneducated people, rural as well as urban people. Research and extension activities on follicular. 3. 2 Long Run or Specific Measurable Objectives : Build a strong brand image by delivering a specific set of features, benefits, services and experiences of flowers consistently to the customer.

Export standard quality and quantity of flowers in abroad. Contribute in the GAP of the country. Contribute towards alleviation of poverty 4. Market Potential : 4. 1 What or Who are the (Target) Markets : 4. 1. 1 Home Market : There is no festival in our culture which does not require flowers. Every people like flowers People of all areas either village or town purchase flowers as it is a symbol of beauty and love. In the recent years, the demand for flowers has increased considerably in the country. So, the flower cultivation project will face no problem in respect of marketing.

The customers and users of flowers mainly exist in the city. Besides, urban people also buy flower. They demand flowers for various purposes. Some such purposes are Thanks giving Various anniversary Wedding Valentine Congratulating Sympathy National occasion (Like Paella Babushka, 21st Feb., 16 Deck, 26 March and so on) Flowers are smart gift. It speaks the speeches of heart. In such market situation, we are always beside the customers to serve them in an effective and efficient way. We offer 24 hours service to solve the demand of every each and every customer. . 1. 2 Currently the demand of flowers in international market is rapidly expanding. A short report on export of flowers is as : Financial Year No. Of countries to export 2002-2003 2003-2004 004-2005 2005-2006 2006-2007 9 25 26 29 According to international follicular analysts U. S. A ranks no. I in the national consumption of flowers at retail level. Flower market offers a number of opportunities to export to European community as well as Middle East and Far East destinations. The Netherlands, Italy, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, Canada, Japan, I-J. U. S. A.

France, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, South Korea and Norway are in order of priority as markets. These countries buy considerable quantities of flowers every year. So, our export efforts are concentrated on these markets. . 2 Future opportunities : We know, the higher the amount of product is produced the lower the cost of per unit as. It is expected that we lessen per unit cost gradually and the selling well as in passage of time the demand of flowers increase. So, our product range and targeted market segment also increase. And now we are in the age of globalization.

So, geographical expansion is natural. 5. Competition: 5. 1 Summary of Competition: Businesses offering similar product or service to the same market/customer at similar prices are competitors. In this sense, though Bangladesh is a prospective flower litigating country, there is no such flower cultivation and marketing industry which offers like ours. It is true that there exist available flower shops in different towns of the country. Besides it is also true that these flower markets are unrecognized. So there is a little or no significant leader, challenger, follower or niches in the flower market.

As a result, we are the first flower cultivating and marketing industry in Bangladesh in a modern and well-organized system. 5. 2 Competitive Analysis: We cannot deny the existing small competitors because they are already engaged with this industry and also experienced. But they have little basic concept of flower cultivation and marketing industry as an art and source of earning foreign exchange. They are backward in customer relation, packaging, advertising, goodwill and modern research facilities. So, we emphasis on all of these points and of course offer a standard product as well as service .

To gain competitive advantage, we must design market offers that deliver more value and satisfaction than offers of competitors seeking to win over the same customers. There is a little barrier of our entry as we are newcomer. Besides, very little or no access to credit facilities, lack of gobo. Favor and market policy regarding this section may hamper this industry. 6. 1 Marketing Strategy Customers are the main contributors in a successful business. So our first and first marketing strategy is based on customer value and satisfaction. A satisfied customer comes again and thus increases sales.

But a dissatisfied customer not only decreases single sales but also a lot of sales. So our target is always for the best as the consumers expect for the best product. We desire to come in the leading position of flower market. For this purpose we expand total market, total demand and protect racket share through good defensive and offensive actions. For market positioning and marketing and promotional campaigns we may Develop new users and more usages of our product and service and maintain the rate of current usages. Try to build customer loyalty by delivering customers’ perceived value.

Create advertising message through selecting right media. Emphasis on sales promotion through samples, coupons, cash refunds, appearances in related catalogs, premiums and so on. Maintain good public relations through news, speech, trade show, conference, corporate identity material and web site. 6. Pronunciation: It is true, quality comes first. So we ensure a satisfactory quality of our products and services. Moreover, innovative packaging can give us an advantage over competitors. We are very much concern about our product packaging. Here we include Cabana- the marvelous gift in the world of arranging flowers in vase.

To decorate homes, offices, cars, and other seasonal and occasional programs our packaging and bundling department ensures product supply and sound service. 6. Sales strategy : The flowers will be sold either through wholesalers or through distributors and ultimately to the retailers. It will be done with the help of our employees or sales persons. Retailers and wholesalers have the opportunity to collect flowers from either in cultivation area or in showroom in this case, our own transportation system may be used. We also receive 24 hours orders of the decoration and Cabana.

We provide home delivery/service too. We are also concern in satisfying our sales persons by giving them various incentives like bonus, reward, participation in decision making. We offer discounts and allowances to our retailers and wholesalers. All these are for good marketing plan and ultimately for a fruitful realistic business operations. Operations indicate to describe our business process and quality system. We promise only what we can deliver or what the customer exactly demand but finally we deliver more than our promise. We can present the operations as follows- 8.

Resource Requirements : 8. 1 Capital investment: At first in resource requirements capital investments include licensing and other initial cost to set up business. Fixed capital: Land, building, showroom, Equipments Working capital: Raw material, manpower and soon. Our capital expenditure is met up by partners own capital and credit from financial institutions like bank. 8. Personnel Requirement Personnel are an important resource of our business, without personnel all the elements of business is worthless because personnel contribute in production directly or indirectly.

At cultivation area: Manager, skilled labor, seasonal labor, driver and guard At showroom: Manager, accountant-UCM cashier, sales person, cabana designer, driver and guard 8. 3 External Resources : Our main external resources are suppliers, distributors and cabana designer. Advisors and consultants are also related with this. All of those resources help to develop, promote, sell and distribute our product to final buyers. . Implementation plan: 9. 1 Ramping up resources : Each and every resources of our business is engaged in running production to generate revenue and serve customers.

In short, the resources are dynamic. No resource should be kept idle. 9. 2 R&D milestone : In the business R & D conducted to add and create new dimension, feature, quality, and other benefits in the existing product. We plan to introduce new products every year. 9. 3 Product rollover plan : We devote energy to making continuous product and its improvement as we know customers favor products that are available and highly satisfactory. 9. 4 Operational deadness All the resources and manpower are ready to operate various activity related to the business. All the time operational readiness is required anyhow.

Roses are cultivated during the whole year but there are seasonal flowers too. So we are always ready to customers’ demand and various occasions. Our employees are very careful to meet up all the demand of customers-in time. 9. 5 Progress monitoring and control: Primarily we have two managers in “cultivation area and showroom. Besides them all the business related people provide us information. Then we Justify whether our progress is balanced with our plan or not. According to the result of progress monitoring we take next step to control. 10. Risk Assessment 10. Areas of Risk: However there are some areas of risk in demand, supply, technology, security, economical, regulatory and implementation which we cannot deny. Problems are:- I. Improper knowledge and skill it. Low technological support. Iii. Perishable flowers ‘v. Scarcity of effective insecticides v. Inadequate credit facilities. V’. Uncertain and unstable market price vii. No permanent place for marketing of flowers. Viii. No specific rules and regulation to control flower market. 10. 2 Addressing Risk Necessary steps to solve these problems 1 . Strengthening of technological support 2.

Arrangement of training of employees 3. Arrangement of permanent place for marketing 4. Ensure adequate supply of effective insecticides 5. Arrangement of credit facilities. 6. Establishment of proper and stable market policy. Our business idea is viable in terms of these risk and we are confident that we will be able to overcome these problems and yield a high return than risk.

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