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Documentary analysis Paper

Food Inc. , a 2008 documentary film directed and produced by Robert Keener, exposes the secrets about how food is processed. Robert Keener is famous for exposing facts and controversies that are rarely discussed. He is also known for his authenticity and his desire to reveal the truth. Keener has received several awards for his films. Food Inc. Even influenced some food policy decisions. His documentary, Food Inc. , talks about the industrialization of the food system in America.

The documentary is targeted towards the general public. The documentary’s main focus or argument is that the agricultural business in America produces food that is both harmful to the environment and to the consumers while also being abusive to animals and workers. The documentary is informative. Its main objective is to inform the viewers about the secrets that are deliberately hidden from them. The documentary uses specific rhetorical appeals to support its objectives like, ethos. It provides statistics that show how much the food industry has changed over the years in America.

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It also interviews farmers that have firsthand knowledge of the food industry. The documentary also uses the pathos rhetorical appeal. The documentary shows scenes where animals are being treated inhumanely. For instance, dozens of cows were being kept in dirty pens. The cows could barely move and were covered in feces. The documentary also shows scenes where consumers suffer from the neglect of the companies that process the food. For example, a mother was talking about how her 2 year old son was killed because of E. Coli that he contracted from eating a contaminated hamburger.

Moreover, there were also other children who were killed because of eating contaminated meat. The documentary also discussed how workers are being treated poorly. There are scenes showing illegal immigrant workers being arrested but the companies that hired them and brought them to America are not being questioned. This also stirs emotional response from the viewers. Another rhetorical appeal that was used is logos. It is logical that consumers will suffer the consequences of neglect. The documentary also provided a logical reason why companies do this.

The reason is that it lessens the cost of production at the same mime, maximizes profits. Through the use of ethos, pathos and logos, the director was able to prove that the food industry produces food that is both harmful and abusive to the animals, consumers and workers. Food Inc. Is an eye opener. It shows the flaw of the food system in America. It unveils the truth that is deliberately hidden by the food processing companies to urge consumers to buy their products. Food is one of the most important commodities in the world. Consumers have the right to know where their food comes from and how it is processed.

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