An Analysis of a Documentary About Animal Abuse and Cruelty

The animal abuse documentary was well organized. It started very happily with the loving of pets, which then lead up a good point. “Why hurt them?” It did bring up good evidence of Petco workers mistreating the animals during work, which is indeed cruel. An example of this is when the worker aggressively grabbed the dogs leg repeatedly in order to complete the task he or she was given. However, the problem was that there was footage of dogs in cages that looked like it was from the humane society, and those places aren’t really bad places for dogs.

Maybe it wasn’t, just the connotation of the black and white coloring of the clips which made it look sad. The genre of the documentary is expository as it has a narrator explaining all the events of the documentary.

The cinematic tools that were used seemed to be a bit amateurish as clips were filmed with phones, and the transitions weren’t all that either.

Also, the way that news reports were used was that they were being played on the computer and filmed from a phone which didn’t have such a great video quality. The use of music was pretty good, but it could’ve been worse, or could’ve been better. The content was more analysis than summary, as it went in depth into certain situations of animal cruelty and what was going on, and how others would try to do to stop it. In the beginning there was a little bit of summary as facts were just being stated, but the interview and the clip of the Petco incident went deeper into the topic.

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The ethos of the documentary is to pet owners that don’t abuse their pet, and think that beating them or mistreating them are wrong; so the whole gist of the documentary. The pathos of the documentary is the abuse of pets. The first trace of pathos was when the question was asked “Why hurt them?” The coloring was alright, it was very clear when the pictures turned black and white represented the sadder things of the situation. In addition, the music and sad pictures do contribute to the pathos of the film, as it has a depressing theme.

The interview portion of the documentary showed a good perspective of someone else other than the creator of the film. As the woman explains what she thinks animal abuse is, in her case, leaving a dog on the side of the road to let it fend for itself. She also states why she doesn’t enjoy going to pet stores as there are a lot of charges involved with getting a new pet and how the funds are corporate. Also there was a brief interview of a little girl and was asked what she thinks animal abuse was, and she said the obvious answer, “hurting them.” The demographic of the film is audience towards pet lovers who care about their companions. It could be toward animal lovers in general as they are also against the abusiveness towards animals. After the incident that happened at Petco with the violent grooming went viral, the video received over 1,300 shares and comment on Facebook, fortunately that said employee no longer works there anymore. There was another occurrence in a California PetSmart, where a coupled sued then because their puppy died, well they left it in charge with the workers there.

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