A documentary, “Bowling for Columbine,” centers around the shootings in America. It has a focus on the Columbine Massacre for a portion, using real footage of the shooting. This essay analyzes an alternate poster for the movie. Our poster, we believe was made in France, due to the way the words looked. It had the colours of the American flag. This drew attention to the fact that it focussed on the shootings in that area. It was also surprising, because of the perceived opposition of the French to Americans; it would no doubt spark controversy, and draw attention to the film.

There’s a photo on the front, and it’s of the director, Michael Moore. He is posing with a large camera, and a rifle. His t-shirt is blue, and matches the colour of the American flag, though it appears to be doctored. It’s quite a bold image, and is in front of a large white bullseye, which draws a lot of attention to the centre area of the cover page.

There is large, bold text just underneath, reading the title of the movie. The placement also draws a lot of attention to the graphic just above it. I think that the colors were used to point out that the movie was centred in the United States. Additionally, the bullseye graphic coincides with guns, and shootings, telling the viewer what the movie is about.

What Type Of Documentary Is Bowling For Columbine

The cover shows that gun violence is a very prominent thing in America, and its prominence in America’s history.

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The fact that the image of Michael Moore with the gun, is in the same area as a giant American flag, gives the impression that it is normal, and accepted to just have guns with you. That it’s an, “American,” thing.The cover reminds me of an old carnival one, as if it is, “mocking,” the whole situation that the movie is about, satire. It’s a really unnerving detail in the poster.

The colors grab your attention. They’re bold and vibrant, and make the whole cover appear a lot more lighthearted than it should be. The poster pulls you into …

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