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However, English is needed by people work in tourism that use in hotel, restaurant, guide, tour and travel an d anymore. Therefore, the writer was observed in SMS Partisan Amtrak and the writer has found the problem in vocabulary learning. The students of SMS Partisan Amtrak still weak in vocabulary when their teacher ask any object but they couldn’t answer it and they became bored.

In relation to vocabulary teaching, instructional media such as picture has ever y significant roles to motivate the students to learn vocabulary.

And make easy to teaching material can be found in book, magazine, and postcard. Those ways of teaching and learning will not make students bored. In general the ability the employ picture in teaching and learning process. Assist the teacher to resent the material and specific instructional objectives easily.

Staring from this point the writer is in interested in find out ” The Effectiveness Of Picture In Teaching New Vocabulary at The Second Year Student Of SMS PARTISAN Amtrak. Question to be solved in this research : Are there any positive effect using picture in teaching vocabulary? . The Purpose Of Study The aim of this research is :To know whether the of picture has positive effect in teaching vocabulary. This study has both theoretical and practical significance : 1. The theoretical significance of this study is that the result will give theoretical information about the important of picture in teaching English vocabulary.

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B. Practically, the result of the present study are useful for : The English teacher in applying picture for language instruction. Encouraging the application of picture as an easy made medium for language instruction.

Proposal Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris

Giving the student an interesting technique of presenting the material in Older to improve their ability to master English vocabulary. D. Improving the writer’s perception and understanding on teaching g learning strategy. E. Assumption Of The Study The writer would like to state the basic assumption of this study as follows: Picture can be used to stimulate the student interest in studying n ewe vocabulary. Picture can help the student to master English vocabulary. Scope Of Study This investigation is limited to the effectiveness using pictures in teaching new vocabulary on the SMS PARTISAN AMTRAK in Academic year 2012/2013.

In this case the use a animal and kinds of transportation and the others pictures in to stimulate the student ability in acquiring new vocabularies. Especially on the four skill of learning English such as speaking listening, reading and writing. G. Definition Of The Key Term. In order to make some key term Leary to void some misunderstanding of the readers. It is important to interpret and to define the meaning of the some key theory dealing with this researches : Effectiveness.

The effect is something that is produced by an agency or cause a change, result, consequence ( swan, 1995 : 25) Effective is it solves problem or get a result (awn, 1995: 171). Using picture. Use : the term ” use” stipulates the meaning of “using of condition of being us deed” (Horny, 1 986 : 1947) Picture is account of description for something that enables one to from a mental picture or impression of it ( Horny, 1989) Teaching Vocabulary. A. Teaching is the process of delivering something to somebody, cause somebody through oral and written terms.

Another definition of teaching is giving instruction to somebody, cause somebody to know or able to do something give to somebody knowledge ( Horny, 1 974: 886). Vocabulary is a list of word and often phrases usually arranged alpha ethically and define of translated ( Pie, 1989). CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Concept Of Teaching Vocabulary. Language without vocabulary is nonsense. Without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed through listening, speaking, reading and writing. Therefore this makes clear scapulars makes possible for someone to do communication activities.

Here are some vocabulary teaching technique according to Harmer in Saurian it (2008: 12) 1. Basis level words should be though first. It is how the word is the practiced, not how often it is practiced. Some words may be taught though components of meaning. 4. Teaching all Of subject should not separate whit their method, in this case the writer try to use visual media teaching new vocabulary, especially picture media, which is believe can raises students interest, motivation and also can be used as stimulus for students to take their attention.

Stated that their are function of teaching media especially visual, they are as follow : Teaching all subject should not be separate from their methods. In this case, to rise he visual media in develop students’ vocabulary, especially picture media, which is believed a rise interest, motivation and can be used as stimulus for students to draw their ATT emotion. Levi and lent’ in Fathoms (2009 :08) stated that there are four function of teaching media especially visual media, they are as follow: Attentive function Visual media is the core, to full students interest and to direct student’s attention.

Concentrate the subject, which is interrelated with the means of visual media that participate I n subject material. B. Affective function To know the students contentment level while they are studying reading visual text. Picture or symbol can raise student’s emotion and attitude, for example when students read information about war and other social life. Cognitive function Visual media can be shown from research invention which covers that visual symbol or picture accelerate comprehension and exacerbate students memories about information car message which is contained in the picture”.

Compensatory function Teaching media can be shown from research product that is said that visual m Edie can help a weak and show learn in reading to organize information in the text and to recall It b sack. In other words, teaching media is as spirit for a weak learner or student improving and understanding the subject material which can be set out in the form of the text or orally, for example, finding our the meaning of word “mile’ through picture, painting, photograph, etc. Types of vocabulary Learning a language will mean nothing without learning vocabulary.

Regarding the types of vocabulary quant in Meridian (2011 : 14 ) categorize vocabulary into four TTY sees : a. Listening vocabulary This type of vocabulary is developed early, since a child begins to recognize sound. It is limited only to the sound, which is associated with his experience. Speaking vocabulary This type vocabulary is also built early, that is time when the child begins to communicate with the surroundings. Although the application Of vocabulary at this Stage is very simple and it contains many of the small function words, that kind of vocabulary can make up a speech. . Vocabulary of reading and writing This types of vocabulary are developed almost at the some time. However, reading scapulars usually comes earlier than vocabulary of writing. These types of vocabulary are recognized when one has the capability of writing. Technique in Teaching Vocabulary In teaching and learning vocabulary, the learners should recognize their needs. This is important, because words are in various kinds, which make it impossible for the teacher to teach all of words.

The teacher, then, should find the efficient techniques in the implementation of the teaching process classroom, to make the teacher more ready to teach the student and the teaching learning process will run fluently. The procedures in vocabulary teaching for he lower intermediate which Can be applied in junior high school student: work. Teacher chooses an area or category of vocabulary they want to Teacher ask each student to think of word in the chosen area of v scapulars. C. Each student writes some words on a piece of paper and gives it to the teacher to cheek and keep.

Teacher cheek students’ work and distributed among the student. Each students a piece Of the paper on their table. Match the piece of paper with the correct answer, making sure one gets their on work. Student match the word key have been dealt on the whiteboard with in divination. 3. Teaching Vocabulary To know directly the regress of vocabulary teaching on the students’ archenemies , the writer should test the students. The writer in this section present only with the description of what to test and the types of test that could be developed in testing vocabulary.

Achievement, the writer chosen two types of test that could be developed fill in and multiple choice. Media Of Instructional 1 Teaching media There any many kinds of media, one of them is media of education. Naturally, media of educations have general characteristic as has been expressed by Millennia (20 10: 14). There are . Media of education means an object, which can be touched hear d and seen. ND heard. Eng. The main stress is an the object or other things which can be seen Media of educations is a kind of visual aids in teaching and learn It is used for interaction in teaching between teacher and student s.

Media of education is aids, method and also technique which in used to make communication interaction between teacher and students, more effective in teaching and learning process in the classroom. Regarding the last thing above, in this case a creative and imaginative. Teacher are demand to utilized such as easy make media which is easily made by teacher. Social students with be better understood if a teacher discussed the stricture contained in the reading as readiness activity. Question that the teacher can raise about picture may help to motivate students to study.

The Else of Teaching Media Teaching vocabulary is the basic part in language teaching. The use of media is therefore, to smoothen in the process of teaching learning activity. Hopefully, the result could be optimally achieved because teaching media has great potential in stimulation and increasing students’ interest in learning English vocabulary. According to Sudan, (1 992 : 2) teaching media is useful in some ways : It makes the teaching more interesting and it raises students mot ovations. B. It makes the teaching material more clearly easily comprehended by student, which is the main goal of an instruction.

It makes the teaching method more varieties, only in which that there is a feed back between the teacher and the student. It gives a lot chances for the students to study because the can do other activities while listening at the some time such as observation action and demonstration Media. Picture Experimental Control Textbook Picture has positive effect Explanation In this case research question for the proposal there are any effective using picture in teaching vocabulary. The writer using quantitative, where in that there are two ways for research.

First, the writer chose two groups, one group it is called experimental class, and the second one it is called control class. In experimental class the students use the picture to improving their vocabulary ability, and in control class the students not use the picture but the writer use textbook or traditional method. Hypothesis Of The Study Starting from the problem of this study as started previously, as tentative answer the writer gets the following hypothesis (HA) which is said that “picture has positive effective toward the students in teaching new vocabulary’.

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