They have distinctly different beliefs. Confucianism was developed by a Chinese philosopher named K¶Eng FјUzi (551- 479 BCC), also known as Confucius. He was a knowledgeable man who thought about how people should live, how righteousness (Lie) can be achieved and how the society or government should be structured. The Analects of Confucius explains how men can become a gentlemen. If a man follows the rules of Confucius and completes all his duties of his status, he could influence others In society to be honorable, hardworking, honest, and just.

A gentleman said, “Feels bad when his capableness fall short of the task.

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He does not feel bad when people fall to recognize him” (15. 18). A gentlemen Is different because he does not care about personal gains; his Integrity Is more Important. He never stated whether humans were born evil or good, he did however say that humanity shared the same qualities. They all have the ability to be conditioned through studying and practicing.

During the warring states period, Han Fizz (280-233 BC) and Shank Yang (390-338 BC) wanted people to follow a philosophy that could strengthen the government and to create laws that are firmer.

Legalism may have originated from Zinc (312-230 SC), a student of Confucius. He believed that all men were born evil and their natural self-interest dominates them the moment they are born, the desire for love, wealth, and power causes people to conduct impulsive actions. Legalism has a set of rules and if they are broken, there will be consequences and punishments.

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This related to the First Emperor Sin Slashing Dell’s book burning. The three elements of a proper government based on legalists are power and position (SSL), administrative techniques and methods (Chub ND comprehensive systems of law (FAA).

Confucius and Legalism did not preach an afterlife, so if one needed mental support Confucius would tell them to rely on books and knowledge for comfort and Han Fee-Uzi would tell one to be diligent with work. According to a Confucianism, a ruler has to be worthy in order for his subjects to obey him. In the Emperor Tagging on Effective Government it wrote,” When a ruler looks as lofty and firm as a mountain peak… People will admire and respect him” (112). The government was created to assist the people. In a legalist’s perspective, the overspent comes before anything else and the people are there to serve the government.

Legalism believes one should prepare for war and contribute In physical labor, but Confucianism believes life should be centered more on education and advancing your talking to promote better living styles. In East Asia: a Cultural, Social, and Political History It says, “Ruler should promote worthy and capable, Lossless ten Incompetent, Ana puns ten evil… ” (2 Legally TTS Delve Tanat violence and abuse can control the people while Confucianism believe that an educated ruler can regulate the people. They both have different views on ruling the government and how rulers should act.

Confucius precepts and standards gained new currency in the Han Empire. However, administrators appeared to have accepted the philosophy of Legalism without openly promoting it. A reason why the Han dynasty lasted for more than 400 years is because the Han emperors implemented a combination of legalism and Confucianism called “imperial Confucianism”. This ideology helps provide a leader who does not execute his power through violence. Instead, a ruler needs to be progressive and set a moral example in order for other to embrace his leadership.

The imperial examinations were tests on the Confucian classics to select officials for the state bureaucracy. His officials had to have knowledge and the government had a mix of Confucianism and Legalism. The stem to all the chaos was to incorporate the practices and other philosophies from the “golden age”. The altercation would bring unity to the people and would become fruitful to the government. Despite the difference between Legalism and Confucianism, it was an intelligent idea for the Han Dynasty to utilize them together to promote a successful government for 400 years.

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