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The following sample essay on The Tide Experience However, Tide started to dealing with one problem in 2006, across several Balkan Mounties (principally Romania and Serbia), when the company initiated to drastically lose market share to competitive offerings. This means that Tide was dealing with a significant decline of volume shipments and a share loss of 2,5% between the fiscal years of 2004/05 and 2005/06. This loss of market share was assigned to the aggressive increase of the economy detergent segment.

This imply that Tide was facing strong competition and losing share to low priced brands in the economy detergent segment. In this moment, Tide was interested in satisfying two crucial and ajar goals: Reversing Tides loss of market share and declining volumes sales, thereby reinforcing Tides strong market position in Serbia and Romania. Increasing unaided brand awareness and therefore increasing Tides brand recognition within Serbia and Romania.

Therefore, Tide was dealing a challenge, convincing consumers to spend more and charge Tide instead of the other lower-priced detergents.

To solve the problem, Tide decided to use a strong emotional appeal to win back the consumer’s heart, in an attempt to build brand affinity, Justify the high price and invoice consumers to choose Tide instead of the competitor’s product. First, the company needs to know and learn about Tides broad market segment, which largely consisted of mothers (with middle incomes and children under the age of 18 years).

Then Tide discovered an emotional gap to exist between mother and child, which was, while mothers go to great lengths to fulfill their creating duties for their families, they feel lack of appreciation from their children more specifically, the children rarely expressed thankfulness and almost certainly took their mothers for ranted.

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In other words, the mothers want to do everything for the children, realize their desires, but they also want to be recognized for their work and seen as ‘Supermen’ for their children.

So, Tide launched the ‘ Supermen’ campaign, in which the major focus was on ‘My mum is super’ advertising, destined to let the mothers know that children recognize and appreciate their hard work when they wash with Tide. Tide launched the ‘ Supermen’ campaign for 5 consecutive months in Serbia and Romania and they spent between в?10 million and в? 20 million. The medium used n the ‘ Supermen’ campaign was mainly focus on TV , 99%, and the print media and public relations were used as secondary media because was estimated that the average Balkan consumer watched TV for four to five hours on a daily basis.

These commercial were broadcast between family viewing times and family programs, always being aired during the same program break. Tide created two advertisements that featured the same story, aired from two different perspectives, which are, the baby’s point of view followed by the mother’s stance. To create a strongly emotional appeal, the company focused on targeting the consumer’s motherly side, using a cute pre-verbal baby with innocent expressions in its advertising.

First, 30″ ad copy has been created focusing on the baby’s perspective principally to create an emotional bond with the viewer and a 15″ ad copy has been attributed to the mother’s view and destined to reassure the viewer of Tides cleanliness from an expert ‘Super Mum’s’ point of view. Tide made also special events consisted of children’s contests, which a drawing contest has been organized under the theme ‘My Mum is super’. The raring contest influenced and created a larger awareness of further public relations and outdoor media.

The results of the campaign were successful, Tides volume index enjoying an increase of over 60% and Tide was able to regain lost consumers and once again dominate the Balkan market. Therefore, responding to changes in the external environment is crucial for brand survival as Tide successfully proved. The company implemented one marketing strategy that provided them a unique connection with their target audience and they aimed for a strong emotional connection in a seemingly functional segment, as opposed to competitors. Questions about the case study Why did the use of an emotional appeal in advertising win back Tides consumers?

What does this say about consumer rationality in decision-making? The use of an emotional appeal in advertising win back Tides consumers because Tides broad market segment are the mothers and all they would like their efforts were recognized, would like their children think they are super mothers. Therefore, as this was a need for them, they identified themselves with the product and purchase. This need of them was self-realization with the children. Women are usually more emotionally in the decisions they made than the men are and the decision of buy Tad’s product was also based one the emotional.

Probably this commercial would not be so effective for the consumer rationality in decision making because they will probably think also about the functionality of the product and the price. If Tides target consumer was male, how do you think Tides campaign would have been executed? Would it be directed by an emotional or functional appeal? Why? The campaign should be directed by functional appeal, because men are more rational Han women are and their decisions are usually made based on the rational side.

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