Crimson Tide Analysis

Topics: Human Nature


In this assignment I will analyse the “Crimson Tide” based on OB subjects which are organisation. accomplishments. personality. perceptual experience. values. and attitudes. First of all I would wish to state something briefly about the film. On a US atomic missile bomber. a immature first officer stages a mutiny to forestall his trigger happy captain from establishing his missiles before corroborating his orders to make so. An organisation is fundamentally consciously coordinated societal unit. There are three necessities to be an organisation.

Crimson Tide Analysis

-group of people-continuous or else undertaking-common end

When we look at the Crimson Tide we can see the all three characteristics in that pigboat. First of all they are group of soldier in a atomic pigboat. Second. this group of people are non together but they came together to a undertaking that U. S. Navy atomic pigboat. USS Alabama. to be available to establish its missiles in a pre-emptive work stoppage if Radchenko attempts to fuel his missiles.

It is adequate to be an organisation for a group. Third. even though they use different ways. they have a common end which is protecting their state.

Most distinguishable accomplishment of Captain Ramsey his experience and trueness to the Navy. He ne’er inquiries to orders. He thinks he is at that place to use to the orders. sometimes impatiently. and do certain his crew’s trueness to use order. He does non believe to democracy in the pigboat. For illustration he says “we are here to continue democracy.

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non to pattern it.

Ron Hunter is a immature. rawness. and good educated adult male. He finished Harvard University. He is extremely educated in military history and proficient tactics. Hunter is more analytic and conservative towards his mission. Hunter is against the missile launch and attempts to win over support from Ramsey to corroborate the 2nd message before continuing with the launch. because he has hope that it was perchance an retraction of the old bid. This behaviour shows his humanist and rational side. Hunter plays a figure of functions.

He makes certain that Captain Ramsey makes the right picks. For illustration. he is waiting the remainder of the message to launch of the atomic missiles. Besides he motivates his crew. Ramsey is a rigorous and chesty leader who ne’er motivates his crew. but with the influence from Hunter. Ramsey gives a motivational address after the crew to reconstruct all operations after the Russian onslaught. I will concentrate on Ramsey’s and Hunter’s personality. perceptual experience. values and attitudes in this portion of my assignment ;

The Big Five Personality Model:

high extroversion: overconfident. pushylow amenity: cold. dissenterhigh conscientiousness: organized. stubbornhigh emotional stableness: self-assured. composurehigh openness to see: funny

Properties:Machiavellianism: practical. manipulateSelf-esteem: likes himselfRisk-taking: risk-taking by hiting the missilesMore Type A: multitasksLess Type B: can loosen up without guilty ( after downgrading sitting in his cabin and being composures ) External venue of control: controlled by outside forces ( authorities )

Percept:Perceiver: Captain Frank RamseyTarget: Russians. HunterSituation: Submarine…wants to assail RussiaMistakes:Halo consequence: general feeling by a individual feature.Pigeonholing: Harvard pupils are swots and huntsman is one of them without experience

Valuess:He belongs seniors coevals. This generation’s features are subject. authorization. traditional Hofstede’s Model:

High power distance: Captain as a authorizationHigh Individuality: Focus on his sentimentHigh Maleness: Doesn’t care so much about people ( e. g. fire-alarm ) High

Uncertainty turning away: He doesn’t like uncertainness. Privations to move rapidly. For illustration he wants to hit missiles Low long-run orientation: Doesn’t attention about atomic war… . he wants to move now High Indulgence: Submarine/Job is his 2nd place comfy cabin and his Canis familiaris Attitudes:

Job satisfaction: work topographic point is like his home… . ( e. g. Canis familiaris )

Disregard: when huntsman took his authorization he went to his cabin and was listening to the music like nil happened before Affectional: emotional relationship to the naval forces. Traditional beliefs Battle: His address to the soldiers at the beginning of the movie.

Hunter’s ;

Personality:The Big Five Personality Model:high extroversion: self-asserting. gregarious. sociablehigh amenity: co-op. swearing. empathichigh conscientiousness: organized. persistenthigh emotional stableness: self-assured. composurehigh openness to see: flexible. funny

Properties:Machiavellianism: practical. manipulateSelf-esteem: ambitious ends related to his callingSelf-monitoring: attending to external environment by constructing a relationship to the MarinessRisk-taking: risk-taking by downgrading RamseyProactive: identifies chances and attempts to forestall atomic war More internal venue of control: controls his fate. independent. makes his ain determinations

Percept:Perceiver: Lieutenant Commander Ron HunterTarget: RamseySituation: Submarine… . wants to halt Ramsey and besides atomic war Valuess:He belongs Baby Boomers Generation and Its characteristics are societal acknowledgment. duty

Hofstede’s Model:

Middle power distance: He sees captain as an authorization but he is non afraid of directing Ramsey in to gaol. He besides makes gags with crew members In-between Individualism: Focus on his sentiment but besides take attention about others sentiment Low Maleness: Takes attention of people and feeling ( e. g. over weight of a crew member ) Low Uncertainty turning away: Takes the hazard of non cognizing what happens following. Doesn’t want to hit missiles High long-run orientation: Afraid of atomic war. Michigans Ramsey Middle Indulgence: Separates work and household. Has his household who is waiting for him but besides he left the birthday of his girl because of his occupation Attitudes:

Job satisfaction: He is proud of to be a lieutenantContinuance: Privations to do calling ascent to a captainBattle: Construct a good relationship with the crews

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