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In the essay “Condoms: the New Diploma” . by Rush Limbaugh published in his book The Way Things Ought To Be in 1992. Limbaugh negotiations about how distribution of rubbers in schools can take to teenage promiscuousness and encourages sexual activity at an early age. Limbaugh’s usage of Reductio ad absurdum counter attacks the opposition’s statement on rubber distribution and is effectual since it is difficult to assail the resistance.

Limbaugh efforts to rebut his resistance with a decrease ad absurdum statement.

He uses rhetoric illustration intended to show his belief that condoms distributes and promotes sexual activity. He provides his definition of gender and sex functions. He claims that sex has effects by utilizing “Magic Johnson” as a specific illustration and implies that some people will non state this.

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He claims that his resistance opposes learning abstention by utilizing illustrations from the City Board of Education in New York and Jacksonville. Florida. He besides claims that there is a civilization war on rubber distribution and that it is a portion of the current state of affairs.

Limbaugh provides statistics and analogy intended to demo that rubbers are non effectual by puting a comparing between rubbers and aeroplanes. He wraps up this essay by utilizing another decrease ad absurdum on sex instruction.

Condoms a New Diploma Critical Analysis Essay Condoms a New Diploma Critical Analysis Essay Condoms a New Diploma Critical Analysis Essay

The Authors intent is to convert the reader that condom distribution in schools can take to undertaking Sexually Transmitted Disease or STD’s and promote promiscuousness.

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He wants the reader to understand that distribution of free rubbers in public schools is pathetic and misguided.

Limbaugh uses reductio ad absurdum by stating that childs are traveling to hold sex and that we can non halt them. He besides uses other illustrations such as childs are traveling to smoke and why non supply them with coffin nails and many more illustrations from guns and safe sex centres. Here Limbaugh utilizations this rhetorical tool to turn out to the reader that by supplying a free rubber to the adolescent can take them to making other things that may harm them since they can non be stopped. He continues on by traveling past giving off free rubbers and put ining Safe sex centres. Limbaugh proves a point that by saying that by giving off rubbers they compromise their criterions doing his point hard to reason against hence his tool of utilizing reductio ad absurdum proves to be effectual to the statement.

Limbaugh uses another specific illustration such as Magic Johnson. a hoops jock for the Los Angeles Lakers. He uses an grownup famous person to turn out a point that the same bets are involved as an grownup who aren’t cognizant to the dangers of holding condom-protected sex. Still utilizing the same tool of reductio ad absurdum. Limbaugh identifies that there are many people out at that place that will hold sex with others that may hold contracted AIDS with or without utilizing a rubber and that many people believe that rubbers can assist them forestall from distributing STDs.

This tool is proven to be effectual since it is difficult to reason that grownup human existences will hold sex with or without the cognition that their spouse has aids as to adolescents holding sex with or without the cognition of a rubber.

Limbaugh utilizations statistics to turn out that rubber failure rate can be every bit high as 20 per centum and compares it to the safety of an aeroplane. The statistic used for the rubber proves to be wrong since the failure rate of a rubber is really low runing from 2 to 4 per centum if used right. The comparing used between the lives of riders in a plane to the failure of a rubber used by any being is far away since rubbers sold as a merchandise are proven to cut down the opportunities of gestations and sometimes STDs. This tool is uneffective since the statistics of the rubber failure is questionable and the analogy of an aeroplane since merchandises are made to be safe and would be discontinued if it has failed its criterions.

Limbaugh creates an violative character throughout the essay as he uses illustrations such as Magic Johnson or Johnnie and Susie as a manner to tease the resistance by rebuting the statement many times throughout the essay. Since we can non assail a decrease ad absurdum by indicating out its pathetic nature it proves a point within itself and as Limbaugh speaks about how condom distribution can compromise our criterions. he proves a point that the resistance is willing to accept that adolescents will hold sex no affair what and it is non assisting in the bar of STDs. Limbaugh’s character of being the violative and teasing the resistance proves to be effectual since giving a adolescent a rubber can promote them to hold sex.

In decision. Limbaugh’s usage of Reductio ad absurdum and the many tools to forestall schools from administering rubbers can take to promiscuousness. His usage of this tool is effectual as he claims that condom distribution in schools can compromise criterions and have it lead from holding sex to smoke and the usage of guns. It can besides take them to contraction STD’s since rubbers can non assist in the bar of STD’s and AIDS. The overall character can turn out to be violative to a reader or his resistance but proves a point since his effort to rebut the resistance can turn out to be hard to reason against.

Limbaugh’s schemes are non meant to frighten the reader but to reason against the resistance.

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