My Experience of Being Lost in the Bush

I wandered aimlessley through the bush, my vision blurry and my legs stinging and covered in cuts and scratches. I suddenly collapse onto my knees, and close my eyes. I am so out of breath, ive been walking all day. I look around, and spot a ralativley big nearby tree. I crawl on my hands and knees towards it, then slump underneath it, resting against the rough trunk. My knees are bleeding after crawling accross a few rocks, but i cant feel the pain, i am too tired.

I close my eyes, and memories from the last week flash through my head.I remeberd pulling p in the car park, and hopping out with all my walking gear on; my hiking boots, cargo shorts and t-shirt. I had my backpack filled with a water bottle, my phone and some gummy snakes. I walked to the entrance of the bushwalk, and stopped at the sign. It was a ten kilomeetre loop. I had done a few walks so far, and i was getting really into it.

I was starting to really enjoy bushwalking, and it was easier than i thought to navigate. On my previous walks, all i had to do was follow plug in my earphones, and follow the trail for a nice relaxing, beautiful walk.But this walk was differnt. i was not experienced, and was not prepared for what was ahead. I wished i had brought a map. i wish i had chosen another walk. i wish i hadnt gotten into bushwalking.

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I opened my eyes again, and saw all i saw was pitch black. I heard the sounds of the bush around me, rustles in the bush, the chirping cicadas, the light sprnkling of rain. On my first night, i had been terrified, an hadnt gotten a minute of sleep. But now i was used to it, it didnt bother me. I was tired, hungry, cold and sore and all i wanted to do was go home.Tears filled my eyes as questions filled my head. Would i ever see home again? would i ever see my families faces again? I closed my eyes once more and remeber how i had gotten into this mess. I remebered walking for ahout an hour, before coming to a fork in the path. There was a small signpost with a faint arrow on it, so i followed it. Thinking nothing of it i continued, until i came to another fork in the road, and continued to follow the faint arrows, until after a few, i came to a dead end. I was a bit puzzled, but tried to trace my steps back the way i came.After about an hour or so i bean to panic. i still hadnt found the main trail, and the sun was begining its descent. I decided i would walk through the bush until i found another path, hopefully the main trail. I reached a trail after plowing throught the bush, but it was not familiar, it was a narrower trail than the others. I followed it for a while, until that to came to a dead end. This was when i really started panicking, and i began to break into a run through the bush, desperatley trying to find a trail before the it turned dark.I was soaking wet now, but i had stopped weeping, if i was going to get out of this forest alive i would have to be strong. The last few days had been a blur, spending my whole days trying to find my way out, trying to find possible things to eat other than my remaining gummy snakes. My phone was useless after the first day, i had no reception, and it had run out of battery thanks to my time spent listening to music. I decided i would need a good nights rest, i would need a plan to get out of here.I woke up in the morning, and my vision had cleared. My guess was that it was because of lack of sleep that i couldnt see straight the night before, but i wasnt sure. As i looked around, i examined my surroundins. My eyes widened and i froze. I recognized this part of the forest, i was sure of it. I was suddenly filled with excitment, as i paced around the area looking for signs or pathways. Then i saw it poking out from under some leaves. A wooden post sticking out from the floor, definitley man-made.I started laughing, and jumping up and down. I was so excited, it could mean i was closer to a path, closer to getting out. I shouldnt have gotten so excited over something so small, but it was the first sign of humans since i got lost. I searched for another twenty minutes and eventually found another small post about one hundred meters away fom the ther, this one protuding out further form the ground. I followed this line of posts until i had found about nine posts. That when i saw it.The bush began to thin out, and in the distance i could see a path. I ran as fast as i could until i got to the path, and recognized it instantly. I was crying at this point i was so happy. I ran for a good ten minutes, not dropping speed for a second. Then i saw it, i could see the sign. I started wailing as i turned the corner and saw the police cars surrounding the entrance. I collapsed onto the floor infront of one police car, my clothes torn, my breathing heavy and my skin cut everywhere, but i had made it.

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My Experience of Being Lost in the Bush
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