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1st Essay Sample on Booker T. Washington

Booker T. Washington was a great leader. He was all forhelping the black communitybecome stronger. His goal was very hard to achieve considering the period in which he lived. America, during Washington’s time was under reconstruction.

The Civil War was over and blacks were, by law, equal to any other human being. Slavery was abolished and many southerners had a problem with that. To many whites, black people didn’t deserve and weren’t intellectually “ready” for such freedoms.

The South had such a hard time accepting it that Union troops were stationed in southern states who couldn’t cooperate. Booker T.

Washington is a prime example to southerners who think that blacks can amount to nothing. In my paper I will talk to you about the many accomplishments he has made and the hardships that were attached to his achievements. As always a lot of people tried to pull Booker down. Some were even of the same race as Mr.


But along the way a lot people helped Booker. Peo! ple who he helped, his family, his community, and others who felt he was just a really great guy. Booker T. Washington was born on April 5, 1856. Like many blacks around this time, he was born into slavery.

He was born on a small farm in the Virginia back country.His master was James Burroughs. Mr. Burroughs had a wife name Elizabeth and 13 children. Booker’s mother’s name was Jane and she had two other children besides Booker.

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He spent hisfirst nine years of his life in the plantation kitchen.

There his mother prepared the master’s family and the slaves food. He mainly wore hand me downs from his brother John, and got hisfirst pair of shoes at eight. This was not the life that Booker wanted to have. His mind was set on something bigger and better. When he was a slave one of his choir’s was to operate a contraption that swatted away flies from the foodat the table.

2nd Essay Sample on Booker T. Washington

Washington, BookerT.One of the best educator, known as Booker Taliaferro Washington.Booker was born as a slave on a plantation near Roanoke, Virginia, in 1856, probably in April.Booker Taliaferro Washington lived with his mother, brother, and sister in a tiny cabin.After President Abraham Lincoln “the 16th president” signed the Emancipation Proclamation {in 1863}, When Abraham Lincoln free the slaves.Booker family moved to malden, West Virgina.Booker T. Washington help support his family.Booker T. Washington worked in salt furnaces and coal mines during the day and went to attended school atBooker T. Washington was founder of the Tuskegee Institute.Booker was born as a slave.After the civil war, Washington became an educator and social reformer. Booker T.

Washington promoted educational and economic advancement rather than political equality.Booker angered some other African American leaders.Booker T. Washington was also concern for poor and illerate blacks.Booker Taliaferro Washington was hunger for education.Booker T. Washington left home at the age of 16.It was a long difficult journey to Hampton Institute in Hampton, Virginia, he walk most of the way.There Booker worked his way through school as a Janitor.After graduating in 1875, Booker T. Washington teach school for a while and continued his studies at Wayland Seminary in Washington , D.C., beforeBooker Taliaferro Washington started a school for blacks at Tuskegee, Alabama in 1881.Booker began without even a single building but soon made Tuskegee Institute world renowned.Under Booker T. Washington leadership the students built 40 buildings to house classrooms, laboratories, and living quaters.

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