Lisa Mclntyre explains Hernando Washington's story in her

Lisa Mclntyre explains Hernando Washington’s story in her article where she declares at the beginning of it, that the violation he had done had transmitted a huge impact on her. She emphasizes the importance of how knowing the influence of social milieu can assist us to conclude the unclear acts of people. McIntyre applies the sociological imagination to know why Washington did all of that, by viewing the underlying matters, and what he was thinking, or thought about the whole thing.

To improve knowing why Hernando did such a frightful violation, one will have to understand the article and implement a personal perception of the sociological imagination to see into the matter sensitively to know whether the crime was justified or not. In this article, we didn’t only get to know “what” Washington thinks but also “why” he thinks that, and that’s a form of qualitative research methodologies. for instance, we all know that Hernando knew that robbery, kidnapping, rape, and murder were against the law, but he could not comprehend why people were making such a big deal about it.

Whereas qualitative research allows deep and more investigation and interrogation, and the researcher also seeks to know their impulse and emotions. However, this article particularly can also be quantitative research because McIntyre investigated the phenomenon by gathering information from existing sources and data. Moreover, since Lisa didn’t see and/or communicate with the case’s members in their real-life environment, I find that there aren’t there any kind of ethnographies used.

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To specify, most of Lisa’s data and information are secondary sources that are created by someone who did not experience first-hand or participate in the events. I believe Mclntyre does not violate any of the values and rules named in the Code of Ethics, and she adheres to the highest decent and technical standards that are wise, reasonable and reliable. Mclntyre relies on accurately and professionally derived data and information, which are presented with full honesty and integrity. she also avoids misleading, deceptive, or undocumented statements in her article. Additionally, Lisa was able to establish value-neutrality and to remain impartial, without any bias or judgment. And to set aside her values and retain full objectivity, which enabled me as a reader to observe the results as one form of truth rather than a singular fact. Yes, Lisa might have an opinion about the whole phenomenon, but value-neutrality does not mean having no perspective. Overall, although Hernando had committed a terrifying crime but applying the sociological imagination, we can place a better viewpoint on why he did not assume it was a huge deal, and why he felt no regret for what he had committed. After studying this case, people would have to implement their sociological imagination to assist in acknowledging why Washington did what he did, and why he didn’t understand why everyone was angry at him. Mclntyre’s article certainly was an eye-opener to the exact world view of the criminals and the actuality associated with judging the cruelty of consequence.

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Lisa Mclntyre explains Hernando Washington's story in her
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