"Blacksad, Vol 1:. Un Lugar Entre las Sombras" Review

One day I will write his memoirs In my lifetime I have seen a lot of amazing things, so that those who read them, will think that all that is written in them -. All lies. Since it is impossible to so many evils have been in this world. I do not be surprised if they eventually will be published in the form of a detective novel …  They are bound to sell well . People enjoy horror stories . How ironic. I’ll die rich and misunderstood.

With these words opens the second volume of the comic trilogy Blacksad of private detective John Bleksede. With these words, it opens one of the best existing comics, and a fantastic, charming dim light his lantern on the asphalt, a detective in the noir style.

Blacksad -. It is a comic book series created by two Spanish authors. Juan Diaz Canales (Juan Díaz Canales) – writer and Juan Guardini (Juanjo Guarnido) – artist. The trilogy consists of “Somewhere in the shadows,” “Arctic Nation” and “desperate soul” – each of which is a separate episode, and complete history.

I will not dwell on the history of comics, it is possible to consult the English-language Wikipedia. Blacksad -. It is painfully stylish and well-researched in detail the world, came from American film noir and French novels-policier. Brave private detectives single, gorgeous women, cigarettes, coffee, shots and blood. Bought up in the standing pig-Policy and ferrets vile fraudsters, bulls bouncers and killer snakes .

Speaking of animalism of the main characters, we come to the main features of the comics.

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The main characters of his executed in the form of animals. However, it is not the animals playing in the people, and people showing their animal nature. On the one hand, a similar technique suffers from excessive surface – black and white is divided very clearly: a rat or a lizard – the bad guys, the cat – a dangerous but noble hero (although Hitler appearing in the photograph in the third volume is depicted as a beautiful and dangerous kotyaroy) . On the other hand, this approach breaks unnecessary curtain allows operating concepts essence. What delights to substitute meanings – it bothers history. And then former friends are willing to stick a knife in the back, and the villains discover traits, something appeals to the reader.

In the first volume -. “Somewhere in the shadows” – we meet our main character – a detective John Bleksedom, and as required by good noir story, right in front of us and the corpse. Beautiful corpse. The most beautiful body of a young actress, the former lover of the protagonist. This will be the main motive of the investigation. “Near the killer hiding the perpetrator at least two crimes. So he killed a living person, and my memories.” In general, the first story is pretty typical for the genre, and contains all the necessary attributes tough detective thriller.

Volume Two -. “The Arctic nation” – can be described in one sentence, delivered its heroine – a “dream turned into a nightmare” . The city committed cruel punishment on the basis of the Nazi backed by a gang of “Arctic Nation”, and Bleksed busy searching for the missing girl. Whether these stories intertwine? Undoubtedly, because of the missing girl – “color”. By the way, and he himself Bleksed – black cat – not very fond beloshkurymi Nazis. Wonderful terrible and cruel history, and let it rough, but look at how the snake eats vermin quite pleased .

Third Volume – “Desperate Soul” – Bleksed in Las Vegas, where he I must fulfill a promise given to the hero of the previous volume, namely to take in Las Vegas. After that – forty, and they are so fond of all brilliant. Bleksed in Las Vegas and the urn with the ashes with him. America is on the verge of the Great Purge of the communist element, but if political games are dangerous, and it is not less dangerous is the past, which hides even the closest of our friends. “Do not say that you believe in this story about America – the land of the second chance.” But more important than that is the story of how can we redeem the most monstrous of our mistakes and still doomed to live and get away with his sin, in spite of any redemption?

For the first time in history Blacksad I met working in bookstore French literature, where it was sold this comic. My scanty and fragmentary knowledge of the language did not allow me to fully follow the stories, so I’m just fascinated viewing pictures. Each. Separately. In detail. Screwing up his eyes, trying to see every brick building on a dirty, torn every poster, every hair heroes. And it was repeated again and again. Now, finally, after reading the comics in Russian translation, I have not lost the desire to again and again to review it, and even had a new – again and again to read it.

There is a book, and its fun, easter eggs.. For example, journalist ferret out the second volume gladly drink a cocktail ice cream with bourbon – hello, “Pulp Fiction”! And one of the frame – accurate paraphrase Batman – it seems that no one cartoonists can not from this resist =) or Allen Ginsberg – illustrated poet bull Greenberg  In general, all fans of high-quality comics, gangster films, hard. detectives and amateur-grade illustration. . Happy reading  Download all three volumes of the comics in the Russian translation here P.S. From those at the site of the third volume of options – it is necessary to swing the second (alternative) – there is a good translation, the first version of the translation can only spoil the fun. Disgusting translation.

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"Blacksad, Vol 1:. Un Lugar Entre las Sombras" Review
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