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It’s really tough to determine the best Canadian online MBA program, but we gave it a try. There are many online MBA courses in Canada, but only one can be the best. From the last official rankings of these programs the school that attracted the most number of participants and made it to the list is Athabasca University. The name of the program is Executive MBA and its type is general. It was established back in 1994 and the time limit for studying this program is 5 years.

You’ll need 30 months as average time to complete the program.

Athabasca University offers you the best Canadian online MBA program that helps you improve your management skills that will boost your career. This can be reached without even putting your private and professional life on hold. We will show you few characteristics that best describes this program

Collaborative learning

This university does everything in favor of their students. It considers the time zones of each student and sets the best time for opening a discussion.

The students to this faculty are coming from all around the world and Canada. It has a really unique learning system which is launched fully online. The collaboration between the students and sharing different experiences is a big plus for this program. The goal is to capitalize on the diversity of all students in order to stimulate new ideas, challenge traditional problems and invent develop new practices.

Canadian Online Mba


The curriculum of this program aims on every inch of the key areas of management.

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Information technology, human resources, strategy, operations, marketing, finance and analytics are all included in this educational process. According to the university, you will improve your decision making skills and improve your leadership mind. The education you will get from this online executive MBA program will transform as a great impact for your career and workspace. After graduating you will get bigger role and new experience level in your company.

Leadership qualities

Other that this program focuses on every aspect of the business area, it tends to improve your leadership qualities. You will become better leader and that will be noticeable when you begin to work on bigger projects. Your decisive and strategic thoughts will formulate brand new actions which you will put them into action. Your team will be amazed from your new credentials that will lead them through the projects. You will be defined as an inspiration among all of your colleagues and the people who have employed you.


By choosing this school, you will have the opportunity to tailor your online MBA study to your specific and professional interests.

  • Online electives

This opportunity lets you focus your studies to your electives in one of the master level areas given by this university. You can also expend the global experience with just one or more electives on international level.

  • International electives

For choosing one of the international electives you will be awarded with advanced work in different country. You will be monitored by an insider view of nation’s top company or business practice.

This is our pick for best Canadian online MBA program. You can get more information about fees and financing on its official website.

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