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The Disbandment Of The Canadian Airborne Regiment In somalta 1992 In 1992, The Canadian airborne regiment was sent into Somalia for a peacekeeping mission. Instead of creating peace, the Canadian regiment have been disbanded because of the “Somalia affair”. Many innocent Somali citizens were imprisoned for non ethical reasons. One innocent Somali named Shidane Arone was severely tortured and later, killed because of harsh treatment. This shameful act gave people the confidence to speak up and be heard to allow the whole world to see and ear what was really going on in Somalia.

The disbandment of the Canadian Airborne Regiment occurred because of the shameful acts that Canadian soldiers did with the assist of their commanders. On March 16 1993, Captain Micheal Sox found a Somalian citizen hiding in a portable toilet in abandoned American base not too far away from a Canadian Base nearby. This citizens name is Shidane Arone, Micael Sox said that he was stealing supplies but he eventually protested and said that he was looking for his brother that ately disappeared for the last couple of weeks.

It Just so happened that he was at the wrong place at the wrong time and consequently, taken in as a prisoner and he was treated horribly and tortured. Shadone’s last words were “Canada! Canada! Canada! “. It was obvious that these people that tortured Aron were demented. Lack of leadership was a major problem that needed to be solved. In 1993 The regiment was disbanded because the lack of leadership. This issue later caused many problems and gave soldiers power to do what ever they wished to do without onsequences.

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Canadian Airborne Somalia

Sgt. Mark Boland couldn’t properly take care of his performance of duty for his role that he played in the death of Shadone Arone. Some of the horrifying acts that the soldiers have committed under the command of Sgt. Mark Boland during the Somalia Affair were torturing prisoners, using teenagers as bunkers for munitions, and also water boarding prisoners. However, as they were they torturing prisoners they took pictures of themselves that later on were downloaded on the internet for the whole world to see.

In other words, this probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do at that moment. Jim Day is a reporter for the “Pembroke Observer” which is a local newspaper within the hometown of the Canadian Regiment. Jim Day was the first to report that Canadian soldiers were being held in an ongoing investigation into the death of a Somali citizen. Which later on led to the disbandment of the Canadian Airborne Regiment in Somalia. In conclusion, the Canadian Airborne Regiment in Somalia which is referred to as “The Somalia Affair” was considered a scandal.

The soldier’s shameful acts that took place in 1993 later had the Canadian Airborne Regiment Disbanded completely. I think that death of Shidane Arone had vast affects on the reputation of Canadians all around the world. Nevertheless, it is sad to see how all these Canadians are being treated as if they have committed a crime Just because one person committed a shameful act. Lack of leadership is a huge problem and without it nobody can guide us to the right paths in the future, without leadership we are nothing.

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