Art Appreciation Reflection

Aesthetics simply means relating to, appreciating, or perceiving the beautiful. Beauty, if it can be defined simply, means whatever captures your heart for that moment in time that you have been blessed. We are always told that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I think it is the perspective of that eye that makes anything even more beautiful. Beauty can be something to perceive or observe, but only when the spectator becomes a participant, can someone truly begin to appreciate it for all that it may have to offer.

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Many people may agree that something is beautiful, but the depth of that beauty can eventually become fathomless beyond the point of imagination if experienced. I remember fondly when, as children, we would run wildly across the field and lie on our backs as we let the blades of grass tickle our ears while the warm summer wind blew across the yard and swirled around us.

The leaves of the trees could be heard taking deep breaths for the thicket just across the fence from where we would be. We would lie there gazing at the sky as the stage full of performing clouds of every shape and size would dance in front of us.

For the adults, it must have appeared that our internal engines had finally run out of gas as we would limply fall or jump on the ground, when actually, play had merely taken a different form for a while.

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Those memories and visions are beautiful to think about; especially when considering the simplicity of life back then, and even more fun to remember when time stops and allows for reflection. Aesthetics is, as a parent, being able to watch my kids do similar things and it warms my heart like a warm July sun.

Hearing the laughter ring through the air as they run and jump and play games that are not full of restricting rules, and barriers of guidance; watching them as they run in circles chasing leaves that are blowing across the ground, or catching “flutter-bys” on the wildflowers in the meadow. It is almost as if they are teasing the children to try and catch them if they can, and as the tiny creature grows weary of the game, it simply flies higher into the sky, out of reach, and away from the commotion. The children are simply bound by the ideal of being able to be together and have fun.

Falling down means you simply get back up and run again without concern of hurt or pain because you have a task at hand that needs immediate attention… have fun. Somewhere in the deepest part of all our lives, is a special moment in time where we thought we could live forever. The days of Peter Pan and Wendy and never growing up were at one point in our lives, something we thought we could do; some may have even believed they could fly like those fabled characters or have powers like their favorite superhero.

So if the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is true, then things like hearing a baby’s laugh, and seeing a child’s first steps; or looking into your lover’s eyes must surely be things of beauty. But when it is all said and done, in those last fleeting moments of life, if there is a loved one to offer a hand to hold, then all things transcend from being beautiful, and they become priceless.

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