The following example essay on “Antisemitism And The Holocaust” explains the reasons for the rise of Anti-Semitism in Germany in the 1930’s and how this led to the holocaust. This essay draws on three sources.

Anti-Semitism is an anti-Jewish feeling or hatred resulting in discrimination towards Jews, based on negative perceptions of their beliefs and race. During the early 1930’s Germany suffered an economic depression and under the rule of Hitler he used the Jews as scapegoats for the social, economic and political problems faced by the Aryan people.

The Nazi party seized ultimate power of Germany, this was accomplished by using propaganda, politics and enforcing new laws to emphasise the “Anti-Jewish” feeling that was intended to question the Jews existence. Nazi control of these three main areas led to intense anti-Semitism and the dehumanising of the Jewish people, which escalated to execution of over 6 million Jews, known as Shoah.

Through the use of propaganda, the Nazi Party have unrelentingly assaulted Jews and this is evident through Source A.

This primary source of a propaganda film explicitly depicts a Jewish man holding a whip in one hand and money in his other, the money symbolises the Jewish people are greedy and will take your money. There is a hammer and a sickle on a map of Germany which sugq8gests a link between Jews and Communism.

From gathered research, it has been confirmed by a Holocaust researcher that this film was a “valuable tool in the struggle to break the power of the Jews over the Aryan race.

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” The effect of this film poster depicts the Jewish race as evil and through the use of propaganda in the 1930’s Hitler effectively indoctrinated a nation to believe the Jews were an inferior race which caused a rise in anti-Semitism and led to the holocaust.

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