Historical Report Holocaust Events

Occurred during the years of 1933-1947. The year of 1933 began Adolf Hitler’s reign as Chancellor/Prime Minister of Germany. This year also brought the creation of the first concentration camp at Dachau. A year later, in 1934, Hitler became president of Germany, as well as still being the chancellor. These two positions named Hitler as the ‘Fuhrer’/Leader of Germany. Persecution towards Jews intensify during the years of 1935-1936, by boycotting of businesses owned by Jewish people and Jews lost their right to vote.

This started a very hard and unfair life for Jewish people. They would be terrorized by the Nazi’s for years to come, in horrible ways.

Between the years of 1939-1940, Germany started invading and conquering basically all of Europe. Property owned by Jewish people was confiscated and made Jews identify themselves by wearing distinct clothing. The year 1940 brought the advancement and establishing of ghettos and labour camps. The Nazi’s continued to gain more power over the Jewish people and not much could stop them.

By 1942, the Nazi’s saw no other way to deal with the Jewish people and resorted to the “Final Solution”. This was the plan executed by Nazi Germany to kill millions of Jews by deporting them to camps where they would eventually be killed by poison gas. By the year of 1945, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s had killed over six million Jewish people. This is seen as one of the biggest mass genocides in all of human history. Displaced persons camps were needed for the large amount of homeless survivors.

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These events are an important part of history because they show how cruel humans can be to each other. It’s also important to understand this part of history so that we don’t repeat the mistakes our ancestors made. This part of history changed the world because the Nazi’s killed about 6 million Jews. The Jewish people were almost wiped out, as a whole. That decreases a whole population in a large sector of the world. The Holocaust was only important to our history because of how negative it was and it showed how extreme things can get. The best thing we can do is learn from the situation. The primary source I found was a quote by a Holocaust survivor, and she said “Never shall I forget the little faces of the children, whose bodies turned into wreaths of smoke beneath a silent blue sky”- Elie Wiesel. This quote would be useful in studying this period because it shows how real this all was.

Children and babies were being burned alive and the smoke from this would go up into the air. People had to see this happen to others and know it would happen to them. So a quote from a person that survived something like that is useful because it shows a real account of what was happening in the camps. This woman, Elie Wiesel, among others, witnessed the real events and this is useful to study. I definitely would not want to live during this time period. The fact that I’m not white pretty much ruins the whole Nazi Germany experience for me. I understand that I would’ve probably been treated just as bad as the Jewish people. Being a brown skinned person, I doubt Hitler took in people that weren’t white, and didn’t have blonde hair or blue eyes. I would’ve been taken away from my family and most likely killed, if I didn’t stand for what the Nazi beliefs were. My family would also be killed just so they didn’t have to deal with us anymore. So, no, I would not want to live during the Holocaust.

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