The Holocaust was one of if not the worst example of genocide and mass murder. The Nazis did one of the most horrible things imaginable by killing so many people. Some the death camps could be considered the worst places on earth, even worse then Hell. As one survivor put it, “No one can understand what happened here.” The Nazi extermination and concentration camps at Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Treblinka, Berkinow, Chelmo, Sobibor, Belzec, and hundreds of others kept prisoners on their toes and in a constant fear (The Nizkar Project).

In these camps, over six million Jews were summarily killed simply because Hitler conceived them to be inferior to his Aryan race of Germans. Poland’s Jewish population dropped from a vibrant 3,350,000 to a mere 50,000 by the end of the war, just to highlight the worst example (20th Century History). Alongside Gypsies, homosexuals, and some Slavs, Jews were especially targeted as utterly inferior and were subject to gassing, executions, medical experiments, and torture (The Nizkar Project). The deaths of these prisoners were utterly terrible. Some were shot from point blank one behind the next to save bullets. The Germans later used cyanide gas to kill the prisoners. This allowed the Germans to kill more people faster to save time and money.There was nothing innocent about the death camps. As you can see in the collage the bodies of the prisoners looked like skeletons with a thin layer of skin over their bones. The sites almost burn into your mind about how harsh and terrible this act was.

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The words “Work Makes You Free” adorned the gates to Auschwitz, the camp where the greatest number of Jews died (20th Century History). Fooled that if they worked they could go free, Jews were forced into the labor camps and into a life of constant fear, the constant threat of death, hard labor, starvation, sickness, and inhumanity. Auschwitz was the worst extermination camp of the Holocaust killing 1.1 million…

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