The Final Soution Holocaust

The holocaust was a mass genocide caused by Germany’s dictator Adolf Hitler who blamed the entire Jewish religion for Germany’s loss of World war I. This massacre was a horrible scene and I don’t, and never will understand why anybody would just stand by and watch this happen without even trying to do anything and I believe in god but if there is one I don’t see why he would let something like this happen. The holocaust was a mass genocide of over six million European jews.

Adolf Hitler was a german dictator and leader of the nazi party from 1933 to April 1945. He served in world war 1 and was awarded several awards including the iron cross for bravery twice. After the war, he joined the nazi party, and soon after he was arrested for treason. While in prison he wrote a book (mein Kampf) or my struggle in English. He was sentenced to five years but only served 9 months before being released On December 20th 1924.

In 1933 9 years after being released he was elected dictator of Germany. Then in 1941, he invaded Poland causing WWII later causing the holocaust.


Adolf Hitler thought that if the Jewish religion was no longer a thing that the world would be a better place. He believed that the reason WWI was because of jews. His biggest issue was Anti Semitism. Adolf Hitler married his fiance on April 29th, 1945 And he died April 30th 1945 from a gunshot to the head (suicide) while biting down on a Cyanide Capsule, and his wife Eva Braun died from cyanide poisoning.

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They both killed themselves only a day after their marriage as soviet forces pushed towards them.In my opinion, this man is satan The angel of death A.K.A Josef Mengele was a german physician and member of the ss. He conducted experiments on Jews during WWII, Mostly at Auschwitz. He was a very disturbing man to me he loved to conduct experiments on jews that occupied any concentration camps. Especially twins, One of his experiments include him sewing two twins together. He conducted all of his experiments without any anesthetic or anything to make his so-called patients numb to where they wouldn’t be able to feel any pain. Josef Mengele’s love to experiment on patients was a little disturbing to me and probably to a lot of other people. I can’t even imagine what people that were experimented on felt. I can’t even imagine how it would feel to be experimented on by a mad psycho doctor.


The angel of death A.K.A Josef Mengele was born on March 16 1911 in gunzburg, Germany. Josef Mengele Was the oldest of 3 siblings (they were all sons). His mother’s name was walburga mengele, and her fathers name was karl mengele. They lived in a small village somewhere in gunzburg. According to him, everyone was scared of his mom. Maybe his home life from with his mom affected him in some way. According to the angel of death, it was impossible for her to love anybody. His teachers said he was a good student and he made fine grades. To be honest who could even imagine him doing this gruesome work. To me Adolf Hitler is satan, but when Josef Mengele comes along the lines he’s his twin, maybe that’s why he loved to work on twins so much because he”s satans twin.

When the war ended Mengele ran off to brazil and changed his name. When he was swimming one evening he had a stroke and died. Concentration camps were used as army barracks during WWI. Later on they were used for concentration camps and extermination camps for jews and prisoners during the holocaust. They were scary places to me but they were even scarier when the angel of death was there or if u were at Auschwitz. Auschwitz killed off 1 million of the six million jews that were killed during the holocaust. All you got to eat was hot water bread and soup 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 4 weeks a month 12 months a year. You barely got to sleep and if you got caught slacking during work u were beaten, like animals.


Auschwitz concentration camp was one of if not the most known concentration camps that existed in the holocaust. It killed off 1 of the six million that was killed in the holocaust in total. Auschwitz’s gate had a saying on it Arbeit Macht Frei (work sets u free). Auschwitz was liberated in 1945 by the soviet union. The aftermath of the holocaust left millions if not billions in shock. Nobody thought that this could even happen especially not by one man himself. When the concentration camps were liberated soldiers found shoes, bodies, and clothing, they were horrified. It was a Horrific scene to go through. The holocaust was a horrible event that happened for no reason whatsoever. The holocaust was a huge genocide, which means there was a lot of Casualties. The aftermath of the holocaust was a sad time for families and friends. Especially for the people that had to live through it. When Germany was on the verge of losing WWII They chickened out, all the jews they still had alive Had to march for months. These things were called death marches, They made prisoners of the camps walk with little to no food.

Many got sick and skinny. Soldiers liberated most concentration camps.  On April 30th 1945 Adolf Hitler and his wife were being hunted by the soviet union. They were less than 500 meters away when Adolf Hitler shot himself and his wife poisoned herself, But that was not the end of the war. However not long after Adolf Hitler had shot himself Germany surrendered, But coming in to the other countries in the war the united states bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japan then surrendered ending the war and the holocaust. The holocaust was the most horrible thing that ever happened in my opinion, and it all happened because a country didn’t win a war. The holocaust should have never happened in the first place but nobody stood up to stop it, But we CAN prevent it from happening again, so we need to stand up against anybody that tries to do it again. We can not let this happen again. Why can’t the world just be a happy place? For the last time we can not let this happen again. I’m done now.

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The Final Soution Holocaust
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