Is The American Dream Still Possible By David Wallechinsky

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Everyone has their own “American Dream”, a dream that one hopes to achieve before their final days. Although my dream as a child was more of a fairy tale, my American Dream today still seems unrealistic to many. After high school, my goal is to work in the missions field. I am not certain as to where I will be going but it has been a dream of mine to go to Zambia, Africa. I believe that I will face obstacles, but do not believe that any outside forces will stop me from achieving my American Dream.

A big part of my identity is having a servants heart and helping others in need. Although Bakersfield is surrounded by people who desperately need love, these indigenous villages in Africa have never been given the opportunity to receive love. Part of my American Dream is going to these indigenous places and though I may face obstacles, I do not believe they will stop me from achieving my goal.

“The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott-Fitzgerald creates a perfect example of not giving up on one’s dream. Gatsby, one of the main characters in the novel, had an American Dream to be wealthy and marry the love of his life, Daisy. Gatsby did everything in his power to get Daisy to notice him and after many years of trying and not giving up, his dream was fulfilled. This example illustrates the reality that dreams do not happen overnight. It may take time to achieve my American Dream, but like Gatsby, if I strive towards my goal every day I hope to achieve it.

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David Wallechinsky American Dream

Life in Africa is different from America in many ways but one specific difference is housing. In America, the cost of living has increased and “buying a house is becoming a thing of the past and is causing a shift to a renter society” according to

“Is the American Dream of homeownership still alive?”


Because of lower employment and debt, many people are renting instead of buying homes, whereas in Africa, the land is the government’s property which is then bought by individuals. Most governments owned land is in cities and rural areas but in the villages where I would be staying it is owned by the Chiefs. Because of how unpopulated this part of Africa is, the government supports this form of distribution. Housing in California is expensive and usually puts a strain on most peoples American Dream but in Africa, it would not be a factor that would affect my dream.

Some say that the American Dream is no longer a possibility and seems unrealistic for many. In the article “With more and more middle-income Americans feeling the pinch… Is the American Dream Still Possible?” David Wallechinsky states that “Many average Americans are struggling- squeezed by rising costs, declining wages, credit card debt and diminished benefits..”. In spite of the fact that the average Americans are struggling with money and the cost of living, it should not get in the way of one’s American Dream. Gini Temple, from “Is the American dream of home ownership still alive?” can back up the claim that buying a house will not get in between one’s American dream by stating that “the cost of owning a home is less than rent..”. The economy does not have to get in the way of one’s dream unless one allows it to.

Money seems to be a factoring problem in many American Dreams. Today’s economy is based on money and because of that, it may cause one to adjust their American Dream but if it is truly a dream I do not believe any outside force can prevent one from living it out.

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