What Factors Made Survival Possible For Salva In A Long Walk To Water Essay

Leadership and luck are two very important survival factors that play a pivotal role in Salva’s life. In the book, “A Long Walk To Water” by Linda Sue Park, Salva, an 11-year-old refugee, used many survival tactics to withstand the difficult journey of walking barefoot across the harsh terrain of Southern Sudan. Walking from refugee camp to refugee camp, leadership and luck is what ultimately made his journey possible. Salva managed to survive his journey and multiple obstacles with his leadership skills and streak of good fortune.

Essay Example on What Factors Made Survival Possible For Salva In A Long Walk To Water

One of the survival tactics that was established was leadership. Salva, was forced to flee from his homeland due to religious persecution. The newly appointed leaders of his tribe were forcefully adapting a strict islamic regime. Salva was then forced into a refugee camp, a camp that pushed him along with many other children out. After being forced to leave, Salva is faced with the difficult obstacle of having to cross the infamous Gilo River.

Few people were known to have successfully crossed it. Some of the challenges were due to the corrupt militia that guarded the river, there was also a strong current in the water, and crocodiles. When Salva realized he had finally made it across the river, he began to look for others that were lucky enough to make it too. Once he found all the other “Lost Boys” had made it across, he began to walk with them.

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Since he was one of the oldest of the group, he had to play the role as leader of the group, and made every attempt to guide them all to safety. Although Salva was the oldest of the group, he could still be considered a child in the eyes of many. This act of leadership reflected Salva’s true identity as kind and selfless. In the novel, it states, “He organized the group, giving everyone a job” (PG 81).This horrible experience helped him become a better leader because it forced him to be one in the most dire situations. This role gave him the strength and vision t…

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