A Wizard Of Earthsea Essay

Essay on “A Wizard of Earthsea”

Interesting trilogy will, perhaps, not so much for children as for adults, which has long been boring to read about the endless wanderings, the philosophy of the search of his “I” of the tensions between the characters. More precisely, the book is not interesting modern children, for the future generation can not claim. For the child is too heavy feeding and little attractive for The orderly plot. More to their liking Harry Potter

I -. A great kid.

Not modern, but my book is not brought into raptures. In simple terms – the idea was good, but the implementation has pumped

For those who have not read.. Ursula K. Le Guin has created a seemingly simple book in the style of fantasy, about wizards, dragons, travel, battles and solving puzzles. It seems to be like everyone else, nothing new. But inside, the author tried to teach the reader how to live in harmony with the whole universe, not even being a wizard.

Quite openly, she said that every little molecule of which includes everything in the world – is an important part of the infinite life of the mechanism. The book teaches us to think about the consequences and understand what constitutes a global balance. To live in the “first demand” state, as I call it. No frills, and to the extent possible. And then everything will be fine … “A Wizard of Earthsea” Review “A Wizard of Earthsea” Review “A Wizard of Earthsea” Review

Wizard Of Earthsea Essay

Of course, dear Ursula K.

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Le Guin is not the first one to explain or at least tries to explain such important questions. And this trilogy was written quite a while already. Perhaps the phrase “Times have changed,” not so deceitful. But! ..

Fantasy, in my opinion, this is not the genre in which it is necessary to go into such deep thoughts. Perhaps the moral and ethical problems of coexistence of man and the universe, it is better demonstrates the science fiction, well, or just fiction, I do not share them too. And it was she who has the greatest influence on the minds of readers.

A Wizard Of EarthseA Essay Sample

Because the method of “do not tear this flower because it tiny, but very important piece of our world and its fragile stalk supports important for all of us a balance in the universe!” Already does not work. And it works: “You have destroyed a poisonous flower that had to eat out the dinosaur, because of which subsequently died triblablazavry that their faeces was maintained soil fertility, due to the death of which we now can not grow food on the land and create it from the tubes … “Phew …. Bradbury who read, will understand what I mean.

fantasy genre owes more to entertain than to teach. Confrontation between good and evil. Here is a suitable subject for fantasy! Fight for your love, too, will fit! And no deeper. My opinion. Otherwise out some tedious tale with a claim to the moral and ethical morals.

And then it turns out neither one nor the other. But what conclusion I would not do, and the writer received the award and is recognized as a classic in its genre … For it to her honor and praise.

To summarize … began to read avidly, finished with great tension. But the trilogy can be read as a whole, and individually in each story. Perhaps after reading experience will be very different.

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A Wizard Of Earthsea Essay
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