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Every year thousands of NCAA division one football players shed blood, tears, and sweat with the goal of reaching a championship bowl game. Unfortunately, roughly half of all of these football players never make it close to contention for one of the top four prestigious bowls that make up the Bowl Championship Series. This series was created to ensure a true national championship game and place all the major conference champions in major bowls. At the same time, all small conference schools are faced with the predicament of playing in lesser bowls in the end of the season regardless of the level of success they attain.

The national television exposure and the millions of dollars that come with a major bowl are taken away due to the size of a school. Non-BCS conference schools are subjected to deficits in spending and cannot recruit the best players, leaving them on an uneven playing field. These small schools deserve an equal opportunity at playing in major money making bowls and the national exposure that comes along with it.

There should be a post season playoff for NCAA division one football. With more than one hundred colleges participating in division one football every year, the NCAA was facing many problems regardi . . A team from outside the six could theoretically play its way in, but in practical terms doing so would be nearly impossible (Suggs “Members” 1). A playoff post season addresses all issues regarding the national championship game and disparity not only on the field, but more importantly financially on campus.

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With more money at stake, playoff consideration is affected by growing greed among schools. So in 2001, changes were made to the formula. But at least every regular-season game still matters under this plan, which makes it a good thing (Dienhart and Huguenin 38). Notre Dame, the nation’s most popular[.

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Small schools would have an equal opportunity at major bowls with a playoff. ], schedule strength and team record (Dienhart and Huguenin 38). In NCAA basketball, there is a playoff for the purpose of creating an even playing field and encouraging parity. [Congress] criticized the way the series rewards institutions in the Atlantic Coast, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pacific-10, and Southeastern Conferences and not colleges in the five other conferences in Division 1-A (Suggs “Members” 1). “‘Unlike college basketball, this strengthens the value of the regular season,’ says Kramer, the SEC commissioner” (Dienhart and Huguenin 38.

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