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I am reviewing an American TV programme by the name of “My Wife and Kids”. It is about a family living everyday life in which a father gets thrown into the deep end when his wife goes back to work, leaving him to play house-husband with the three kids. It is an exciting, bubbly TV programme which fits under the comedy genre. The director’s main purpose is to provide entertainment for the viewers.

“My Wife and Kids” is filmed in Stamford, Connecticut.

The main setting is the family house, the living room, kitchen, garage or one of the four bedrooms. The programme is directed and produced by the Wayans’ family. This is a big family made up of brothers and sisters associated with TV production. The cast includes Damon Wayans who plays the man of the house, Michael Kyle, the working wife, Janet “Jay” Kyle, played by Tisha Campbell-Martin.

Along with three children, with the oldest being Michael Kyle Jr.

played by George O Gore II, Jennifer freeman, who plays the typical teenage girl, Claire Kyle, and lastly, cute young Kady Kyle, played by Parker McKenna Posey. Other characters also include Juniors girlfriend Vanessa Scott played by Brooklyn Sudano. Claire’s religious but weird boyfriend Tony, played by Andrew McFarlene and lastly young genius Franklin Aloysius Mumford, played by Noah Gray Cabey who has the biggest crush on Kady Kyle.

Patriarca Com Estilo Brooklyn Sudano

“My Wife and Kids” intended audience is anyone and everyone. From the age of a young child to an adult.

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Due to the fact that the programme is based on family life, everyone is able to relate to the storylines. Many family and friends enjoy the show and find it amusing and witty. Along with TV critics who say “My Wife and Kids is a popular US TV show” and “Funny! The new Cosby show but BETTER!”

This television programme conveys its main point through the characters actions and their conversations. Everything they do is comical and never dull or dreary. Every episode, the audience react with laughter. I feel that “My Wife and Kids” fulfils its purpose very well. Its purpose is to entertain and it does just that. Reason being, the viewers find it highly enjoyable to watch. For me, I really enjoy watching this programme. I find it really hysterical. The characters do and say sarcastic, idiotic things which make them really, really hilarious. I am also able to relate to most characters and able to understand them. I really agree with the main purpose because it provides me with a lot of entertainment. There is never an episode which I dislike; I actually seem to enjoy every episode that is programmed.

I don’t seem to have a favourite character, I love watching all of them as they are all amusing in different ways. I’m quite fond of Claire and Junior Kyle. Claire is portrayed to be very witty and dopey; she’s always dropping which is quite comical. As for Junior, he is always being humiliated due to his huge head. He is portrayed to be dumb and comments are always being made towards him, making him fell worthless. This programme can not really be improved, there’s nothing to actually improve. However, more characters and more storylines could be introduced.

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