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Example Of Upward Communication Letter Paper

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It sends information electronically over telephone lines. It sends both written and visual information. This type of communication is increasing. Company has website they use for all forms of external communication purposes and for public relations activities. It is to communicate with someone from outside the organisation who is interested in something the organisation has done. Part of a public relations strategy in such circumstances is to build up a positive perception and image of the organisation. The response should be designed to improve public.

Phone It may be the first point of contact outside the organisation. It is fast to communicate and it allows people who would find it difficult to meet for conversation. Downward and Upward communication Downward communication – Executives of the company who belong to the top of the structure in the company decide the systems, rules and work and then they communicate these down the line to employees. It is happen to avoid errors.

If a manager needs to remind employees about something, he usually sends emails to them officially. In each division when managers communicate with employees they use face to face, email, memos, faxes or letters. They hold meetings in each section regularly to impact information in that section i.e. what they need to do and it is important that they do their function properly. The root of communication in Bridgestone is the same as the organisation structure.

Upward Letter Example

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Upward communication – Employees at the bottom of the structure might suggest any ideas or opinions to the people at the top class. It is used because people at the lower part of organisation structure have more practical experience. Also sometimes good ideas flow from the bottom to the top. As well as a manager is sending emails to everyone in the company, they also can send emails employees if they have good suggestions, ideas or opinions. In Bridgestone the communications happens more in each division or department and the final ideas, opinions or decisions are brought up to the executive level in directors’ meetings or by report. In Bridgestone each position (section manager, general manager, director, vice president, executive vice president and president etc) reports to upper positions with their own responsibility. The root of communication in Bridgestone is the same as I have shown as organisation structure.

These channels are necessary for the business to function, because through their communication the business to be successful. If they do not communicate with each other customers would not be interested in producing the product due to pour organisation and communication. When they work in the factory, they have to communicate to make product on time by production line otherwise the products made up might be defective. Also they need to know customers expectation so they should have some ways of communication so they can increase sales and profits. In addition they need to communicate to the company in other countries regularly to make sure targets of work.

I think communication system in the Bridgestone is very effective. They know the size of organisation and number of divisions which exist. This helps communication. In Bridgestone the working plan includes aims and subject and these are communicated to all divisions. They have meetings regularly and they have their own separates function to make the organisation work. Ideas are gathered in each division and brought to executives’ attention. I think sending email is a very good way of communication because everyone will train themselves to check it. If it is shown on the notice board some of them may not see and miss the message and it will cause some problems. In addition the communication downward and upward in Bridgestone encourages people to work more willingly.

The objectives of Bridgestone communication system is that is solving problems quickly and effectively as much as possible. If communication system does not work well, the problem will be hidden and when they notice about it, it might be too late, therefore the organisation might loose customers. The administration in Bridgestone is based on the organisation structure as well as communicate to administration. The communication system of Bridgestone has the positive and the negative points as following.

It works smoothly by having meeting with managers and executives. There is less chance to be brought up their individual ideas to meeting. The information for everyone will be given from president properly by email. It could be happened missing communication with some parts of the company. There is chance to discuss in their divisions they will be encouraged managing their functions. It is difficult that executives know exactly what downward is always doing. They can communicate widely both inside and outside the company. Some problem may happen between the companies in another country. Their view points are expanding through communication in different countries.

Lots of them cannot communicate with customers directly so that it is difficult to find out exact customers’ want. They can communicate quickly so they can deliver the product to customers in early time. They may miss messages sent by email without accessing to email facilities. The communication system in Bridgestone works well but there might be some ways to improve their systems. In recent years the ICT systems have developed so it helps their communication. They can use more email in stead of letters faxes which are sometimes very time consuming to communicate so it is time saving. Using ICT make it easy to communicate to not only internal but also external. Internet may help external communication where is companies stock control helps internal communication.

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